Joel Corry & Tom Grennan

Joel Corry & Tom Grennan team up for new single ‘Lionheart (Fearless)’: Listen

Joel Corry and Tom Grennan have come together to deliver a massive vocal track in their new release, Lionheart (Fearless).  The single is ready made for both radio and festival stages as Grennan’s strong vocal delivery sits perfectly atop the pulsing production from Corry.

On first listen, one is quickly reminded of the iconic melodies of Sia when she teamed up with David Guetta for the classic hit, She Wolf (Falling To Pieces), with it’s soaring vocal and iconic hook.  Bringing up this comparison is to showcase the energy and power of Tom Grennan in his delivery and the power and emphasis behind the message of the track.  While discussing the creation and message, Grennan stated, “‘Lionheart’ is a call to arms.  People are living through uncertain times right now, and this song is all about finding the strength to kick back in the face of adversity. I hope you all have as much fun listening to this new tune as Joel and I did making it.”  That energy and passion is unavoidable and so necessary in this day and age.

For Joel Corry, he is continuing to expand his incredible catalog of festival ready anthems built around sing-a-long vocals and tag lines that can’t help but embed themselves into the listeners ears. Corry’s energy and excitement for the track, as well as respect for Grennan comes through clearly when he talks about it:

“I’m buzzing to collaborate with my boy Tom Grennan on ‘Lionheart (Fearless)’.   Tom is an amazing artist on top of his game. This record is a new direction for me and an evolution of my sound. I wanted a create an anthem for the festival main stages and I can’t wait to perform it with Tom around the world.”

Lionheart (Fearless) is out now and fans can expect to be hearing this one for a the foreseeable future between radio and festival stages everywhere.

Image Credit: Southern Comfort