Marshall Jefferson

Marshall Jefferson and Tristan Henry drop collaborative new single ‘B Somebody’: Listen

Chicago house legend Marshall Jefferson and UK singer-songwriter Tristan Henry pair up to create an exciting new house track.

There is always something very exciting about news announcing new music by Marshall Jefferson. Considered ‘The Godfather of House’, Jefferson is one of the most iconic figures in the genre. As well as being a pioneer, he has filled the house music catalogues with his funky and timeless productions. His latest work is ‘B Somebody‘, a single produced with Tristan Henry and already available on all streaming platforms via Helix Records.

What brings an American legend and an English prodigy together? Talent and passion for music. The connection between Marshall Jefferson and Tristan Henry was natural, with a fluidity that is quite audible in the result. In the process of producing this funky tune, Jefferson comments:

‘It’s always a pleasure when you work with great people; it never gets old (…) From the first session Tristan’s energy instantly boosted the music. I believe you’re going to be hearing a lot from him in the future because he’s also an excellent songwriter.’

No stranger to the world of dance music, Henry has been collecting major collaborations. About this one with the house legend, the English artist does not hide his enthusiasm to have been part of his production:

‘One of the best things about being a part of ‘B Somebody’ was feeling like it truly spoke to me. I always know that if I keep my head down in the studio, everything I am working for will ultimately come. It’s been an amazing process working with Marshall, and I can’t wait for everyone to hear our track!’

Timeless, with a taste of freedom and lightness, ‘B Somebody’ spreads immense healing energy. Full of groove, this house cut is made to dance and delight, and is perfect for stretching out the summer vibes throughout this autumn. Tristan Henry’s voice fits like a glove to the funky melody notes of ‘B Somebody’. It’s a single that exalts disco spirit and passion for unbridled clubbing, serving as an invitation to a new and exciting club season. Put on your dancing shoes and enjoy below:

Image Credit: Marshall Jefferson (Press) / Courtesy of Neighbourhood PR