Pig&Dan release twentieth-anniversary album ’20 Years: Pig&Dan’

Pig&Dan celebrate their amazing 20-year career with the release of a 20-track album.

Techno titans Pig&Dan are part of techno history in a very profound way. Hailing from Mallorca, the duo has built a very solid career based on a sound very much their own. Twenty years ago their distinctive music made heads turn and, with transcendent mastery and focus, so many years later Pig&Dan remain as original as ever, true to their sound and their passion for music. The studio is undoubtedly their natural habitat and it is from there that ‘20 Years: Pig&Dan‘ now comes to you, the anniversary album that encapsulates 20 tracks, each representing each year of the duo’s career. 20 years is an epic pillar in any career and for Pig&Dan it is the perfect occasion to tell their story in music form:

‘The project features an array of fresh unreleased productions that hold a sound we hope represents our progression over the last two decades. We’ve also included a cheeky selection of new, updated 2022 versions of some of our more celebrated productions from over the last 20 years of musical madness. For us, this is more of a statement than an album, hence the fact there’s a track that represents every year on this journey.’

The album is now available on the usual platforms via ELEVATE the long-standing imprint of Pig&Dan, but prior to this much-anticipated release date, the duo released two EPs by way of sampling what the long-player would bring. ‘20 Years: Pig&Dan – Sampler I‘ included a rework of ‘Home‘ and ‘Basement‘ – two career-defining tracks, and two new tracks, the atmospheric ‘Get Closer To Me‘ and the breakbeat-infused ‘When the Lyon Awakens‘. Following this, ‘20 Years: Pig&Dan – Sampler II‘ featured the rework of ‘After Ibiza‘ and ‘On To The Beat‘ and also featured the cathartic ‘Particles’ and the minimal ‘The Hole‘. Pig&Dan also released single works such as the melodic pearl ‘Atom’ and the rework of ‘Moondust‘. Now all these exquisite techno cuts are reunited with others to form one incredible 20-track anniversary album.

Into The Void‘ is an engaging track that draws on minimal and intimate lines, speaking to a delicate melody and elegant percussion. Less delicate is ‘Pandemonium‘ which does its name quite a justice. Vibrant, pulsating and hypnotic, this track also offers a bass that seems to grab you from behind and capture you into a black hole. ‘Dreamer‘ is the perfect pairing of a confident kick and a more organic melody, showing that a drum-based track can be incredibly engaging. ‘Techno Shift‘ is an extract full of interesting layers that dance between each other in a progressive dance that guides you through an intense timeline of techno spirit. There are other originals and a few reworks to discover on this immersive album, which serves as the soundtrack to Pig&Dan’s 20-year career. Listen to it all, without skipping any, and tell us your favourite:

Image Credit: Jordi Cervera / Provided by The Echo Agency