Reinier Zonneveld

Reinier Zonneveld drops acid-infused ‘Oldskool EP’ on Filth On Acid

Reinier Zonneveld has returned with brand new music on his own Filth On Acid imprint in the form of his latest ‘Oldskool’ EP.

This week, Reinier Zonneveld dropped his distinctive new two-track EP, ‘Oldskool’, brandishing some more forward-thinking acid techno on his own label. The Dutchman continues as one of the high-flying pioneers of the techno scene, renowned as one of the most popular names in the underground circle, and he will persevere in doing so with productions like these.

The first track on the EP is its namesake track, and it sure makes a statement starting out. As the track title suggests, ‘Oldskool’ embodies rave-of-old, flushed with hard-hitting and nostalgic rave sounds in the form of bass-driven percussion and punchy synth stabs. That production is then followed up by another 3-minute dancefloor filler titled ‘Daemonia’, much more abstract and mysterious than its predecessor. The follow-up sees Zonneveld build upon an eerie vocal sample, which floats throughout an ominous synthetic atmosphere that’s constantly cut into by the tracks pulsating drum loops.

Reinier has had a productive year in the studio so far with tracks such as ‘We Can Dance Again’, ‘Flying Octopus’ and ‘Fist On Acid’ all seeing the light of day earlier in 2022, collaborating with the likes of Angerfist, Oliver Heldens and Armin van Buuren in the process.

Be sure to check out the latest Reinier Zonneveld EP, ‘Oldskool’, for yourselves below and be sure to let us know what you think!

Image Credit: Jos Kottmann / Provided by Armada PR

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