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Rony Seikaly album gets major remix EP from Joseph Capriati, Davide Squillace, Bedouin, Flashmob, Andrea Oliva & more: Listen

Looking to further elevate the dynamic of his debut artist album, ‘Moonwalk,’ Rony Seikaly has just launched various remix packages courtesy of some of the biggest names within the dance scene. This time round, the likes of Andrea Oliva, Bedouin, Flashmob, Joseph Capriati and more, take us all on a musical journey like no other.

Following the release of his debut artist album, ‘Moonwalk,’ Rony Seikaly has been unveiling one remix package after the other, and we are all for it. Elevating the already certified hits to a different dimension, an array of artists have had the unique opportunity of adding their own touch to specific tracks from the album, with the man of the moment ensuring nothing less than musical excellence from the chosen artists on this major remix EP. Leaving no doubt to the imagination, the likes of Andrea Oliva and Black Circle, Bedouin, Flashmob, Davide Squillace and Joseph Capriati are among the featured artists that remixed this breathtaking body of work, and in turn, we will be providing a further insight on each of the remixes from those particular artists.

Nights Into Mornings – Joseph Capriati Remix

Often regarded as one of the most prominent figures in the techno scene, Joseph Capriati was also enlisted with the task of remixing a track from Rony Seikaly’s debut album. Maintaining a similar vibe to the original, Capriati’s rendition of ‘Nights Into Mornings‘ will have anyone out of their seats and straight onto the nearest dance-floor in no time at all. A tech house banger in its own right, this latest remix will have fans alike begging for more throughout its entirety.



I’m OK With Yesterday (Davide Squillace Remix)

Continuing with the theme of remixes by iconic artists within our scene, Davide Squillace has blessed us all with a tech house banger through his own rendition of Rony Seikaly’s ‘I’m OK With Yesterday.’ Offering only the most genre-defying of productions, the Italian-born DJ/producer leaves no doubt to the imagination, with this latest remix further amplifying his status of one of our scene’s leading artists.



Mila (Bedouin Remix)

A progressive house remix for the ages, Bedouin have well and truly implemented their signature style of play, when taking into account their own rendition of Rony Seikaly’s hit track ‘Mila.’ Elevating the bubbling beats and elastic bass found in the original version, the Brooklyn-based duo have this time round opted for a deeper basement roller, whilst the subtle synths and dreamy pads leave no doubt to the imagination.



Dreams Feat. Ahluxe (Flashmob Remix)

A certified hit in its own right, ‘Dreams‘ alongside Ahluxe acts as yet another immense addition to Rony Seikaly’s debut album, and what better artist to elevate the track, than Flashmob. Constantly on the rise, Flashmob has been developing the most distinct of sounds, with the deep house remix more than set on scintillating even the toughest of crowds. Implementing each musical element in a manner that will leave you mesmerised throughout, this remix is most definitely one for the ages.


Won’t Stop Now Feat. Diddy – Andrea Oliva & Black Circle Remix

Teaming up for the most eclectic of remixes, Andrea Oliva and Black Circle implement their signature sound(s) in the most astonishing of fashions, as Rony Seikaly’s ‘Won’t Stop Now‘ alongside Diddy, gets the deepest of house treatments from these artists to watch. Taking listeners on a musical journey like no other, the immense vocals that echo throughout, combined with the most addictive of musical elements, have led to a remix that will have anyone feeling some type of way.



Blessing us all with the most eclectic of remixes, each chosen artist has well and truly added their own touch to the already remarkable body of work that Seikaly has bestowed upon us. Mesmerising in every sense of the word, both the ‘Moonwalk’ album, as well as its remix packages, have left us all in awe, so be sure to check out each of the aforementioned remixes, and don’t forget to leave us your own thoughts in the comments section. Out under his very own STRIDE label, you can listen to all of the available remixes by following the link here. Enjoy!

Image Credit: Rony Seikaly / Provided by b4bookings

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