Home News Rüfüs Du Sol enter the beverage industry with Hard Kombucha Drinks
Rüfüs Du Sol enter the beverage industry with Hard Kombucha Drinks
Image Credit: Courtesy of Warner Music Group

Rüfüs Du Sol enter the beverage industry with Hard Kombucha Drinks

Home News Rüfüs Du Sol enter the beverage industry with Hard Kombucha Drinks

The Grammy-winning electronic music trio Rüfüs Du Sol enters the beverage industry with the release of their Mate Maker brand of Hard Kombucha drinks.

With a very successful music career running, the dance music trio Rüfüs Du Sol enter the beverage industry as they toast their well-earned success in the field with their very own Kombucha drinks. Joining Rüfüs Du Sol in this new venture is their artist manager Danny Robson, ex-global senior brand manager at Diageo, and brand director of Pabst Brewing co Justin Medcraft along with drinks trade expert Tom Appleton (formerly Diageo and Four Pillars Gin).

The Mate Maker brand would mark the trio’s debut in the beverage market as they ready the launch of two ready-to-drink flavors, Mango Peach Smash, and Citrus Mule Hard Kombucha. With other flavors planned, the beverages are expected to go on sale later this year. The two flavors will start appearing before the end of this year in independent retailers and events all throughout Australia. It’s an example of how the beverage industry is opening up to more new players than ever before, serving niches and movements that were previously overlooked. And with solutions like software for brewery management by Ollie available, it’s also more accessible for outsiders who want to compete with incumbent brands.

The brand’s origin is summed up by a statement from the team behind the endeavor, which reads as follows:

“With a shift towards moderation and mindfulness,” “this group of friends questioned themselves: if you choose to drink, why not “drink better”?” So they set out to develop a transparent drink with better ingredients that is also beneficial for the environment.”

To expand on the beverage brand, Mate Maker is brewed in small batches, is vegan, doesn’t include any artificial sweeteners, colors, flavors, or other ingredients, and comes in environmentally friendly packaging. The two flavors have fewer than 110 calories and less than 5 grams of sugar per can, and they have 4% alcohol by volume overall.

Speaking more about the brand Mate Maker, Jon George of Rüfüs Du Sol stated,

“When we discovered hard kombucha a couple of years back in the U.S., we immediately thought people in Australia would get it. This is something we’ve put a lot of care and effort into and we’re stoked to be able to unveil it now right before we come home to play shows in Australia for the first time in three years. We think people will love it as much as we do.”

Image Credit: Courtesy of Warner Music Group

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