Serato Stems

Serato incorporates real-time audio separation with Stems

Serato is, alongside Virtual DJ, one of the most used DJ softwares out today. It holds on to a professional appearance and interface which lets you easily mix all of your wishing tracks together. Besides all of the exciting features already incorporated, such as beat/key detection, loops, sync, iTunes & Beatport import, and the large visualizer per track, you have the ability to isolate stems from any audio. Meet Serato Stems.



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On October 3, Serato announced their newest technology that will separate sources from audio in real-time. As it’s currently planned to release this development in Serato DJ Pro 3.0 and DJ Pro Lite 3.0 later this year, we all have the privilege to have a go on their public beta version. From now on you’ll find a total of 4 extra features next to the loop section: vocal, melody, bass, and drums. With just one click you can isolate either the vocal, melodic parts, bass, and drums from any track and use it as a stem. Just like iZotope Ozone’s Master Rebalance and RX’s isolation feature, Serato does the trick for you. But there is a slight difference, as Serato claims to use their self-developed algorithm instead of Artificial Intelligence. This will result in a different outcome once using iZotope, for instance, and load that up into Serato. From now on you can immediately use those stems as soon as inspiration strikes you. Simply load up any track, choose which instrument you want to isolate, and start mixing & scratching straight away.

On top of that, they’ve added a variety of different effects including a vocal echo, instrument echo, instrument braker, and drums echo. Remixes, mashups, and edits can be done on the fly while using these transition effects. Creativity and workflow improvement are merging together as you can get even more control over your mixes. These effects can be easily controlled through the desktop app, but you’ll get the most out of this feature once assigning these to a slicer/sampler. Start re-arranging tracks live and surprise the crowd every time you get behind the DJ booth.

Have a look at Serato’s forum right here to have a look at the Serato Stems how-to guide, FAQ, and some interesting tips & tricks.


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