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Trap and Bass Essentials Vol. 7 featuring Star Monster, SoDown & more
Photo Credits: Berzerk Media

Trap and Bass Essentials Vol. 7 featuring Star Monster, SoDown & more

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With an aim to showcase the very best in the trap and bass scene, We Rave You is pleased to reveal the next edition of our Trap and Bass Essentials featuring Star Monster, SoDown, Maddy O’Neal, Egzod, KLOWN and DJ Susan’s Hood Politics imprint.

We Rave You is excited to present the seventh edition of our Trap and Bass Essentials featuring world-class artists Star Monster, SoDown, KLOWN, Maddy O’Neal, and Egzod. Check out their latest releases below as we dig deeper with these forward-thinking artists.


Fast-rising, breakout-talent Star Monster is taking his well-known vision to new heights with the release of BUTTERSCOTCH CANDY EP. The EP is a full circle moment, the years of momentum he’s built up to this point through touring, releasing and cultivating the right people around him placing him at this epic moment in time, exactly where he’s supposed to be. For this EP, Star Monster’s goal, in part, is to give a one-of-a-kind experience to his fans where they could self-reflect and heal while also losing themselves in the ether of the music. The EP has all the ingredients placed in the right order to make this dream a reality. BUTTERSCOTCH CANDY enables people to not overthink things and to use their heart, soul, and intuition to guide themselves onto their desired life path – marrying meaningful music with awe-inspiring bass. Listen to the full EP below and connect with Star Monster here.

SoDown –  “Running Out”

SoDown once again joins forces with Bailey Flores on “Running Out.” The majestic single reflects on the inevitability of death, reaching for the freedom and release that comes with letting go of daily struggles and cherishing life. “Running Out” begins with atmospheric textures and a harrowing music box melody before transitioning into grand, poignant piano chords and Bailey Flores’ somber melodies. The track then builds with stuttering drum patterns, a resilient vocal passage, rising synth arpeggios, and backing saxophone licks. The track’s central drop – a section that acutely reflects SoDown’s current thematic and sonic ambitions – explodes with razor-sharp bass wubs, a reverberating beat, and aching, ethereal saxophone melodies. The result is an immersive, shifting soundscape – an illuminating mix of styles that tells SoDown’s spiritual story in lavish sonic detail. Listen to the bass-infused track below and connect with SoDown here.

Maddy O’Neal –  “Ricochet LP”

Denver-based producer Maddy O’Neal crafts musical collages. Through a unique blend of styles and influences, she’s cultivated a brand of future bass that incorporates intricate synth design, glistening electro-soul melodies and funky, pulsating basslines – a holistic, individualized sound composed of disparate creative sensibilities. Following a breakneck tour schedule that’s seen O’Neal vaunt her hybrid DJ-drum pad live performance at 90+ shows annually for the last five years, the bass music purveyor now unveils her 10-track Ricochet LP, offering listeners an aestheticized, meticulously-curated peer into her kaleidoscopic world. Listen to the soulful track and connect with Maddy O’Neal here.





Egzod –  “The Way Out”

Continuously dominating the dance music scene with power hits and fresh collaborations, Egzod once again astonishes fans with the new track, “The Way Out” featuring skillful vocalist, Bertie Scott, via Spinnin’ Records. Building great momentum with 4 exciting tracks just this year, Egzod is a genre and instrument blending artist and technician impacting the dance music scene since his debut in 2017. With steady growth in career with hit tracks like “Royalty”, and “Lone Wolf”, the French producer has been ranked as one of the better melodic bass producers in dance music right now. A festive EDM track,“The Way Out” presents a cinematic yet detailed sonic journey as Egzod explores the emotions of “something slipping away”. Immersing listeners with deep hitting bass, starry synths, and powerful vocals from the talented Bertie Scott, the track races to energetic drops and pulsating instrumentals. An immediate crowd pleaser, listen to the track below and connect with Egzod here.


DJ Susan’s Hood Politics –  “Dubstep Forever”

Hood Politics is thrilled to release a sizzling 5 track EP titled ‘Dubstep Forever’ that invites a slew of talented up-and-coming acts from all over the house spectrum to provide thundering remixes to classic dance tracks from Skrillex, NGHTMRE, Zomboy, and more. Kicking off the EP is a thumping remix courtesy of DJ Susan and Canadian duo, Broken Future, taking on Zomboy’s seminal hit, “Like A Bitch”. Driven by a rumbling bass line and intoxicating groove, Broken Future & DJ Susan deliver a momentous remix sure to win the hearts of bass and house heads alike. Next up is an insatiably groovy flip of NGHTMRE & Flux Pavilion’s “Feel Your Love” from Sherm & FLYNNINHO. With more in sight, listen to the full EP below and connect with Hood Politics here.

KLOWN –  “Lost In Time”

A power duo dedicated to transforming the bass and dubstep scene, KLOWN demonstrates the correlation between innovation and high-energy soundscapes. Mastering their sound design by incorporating futuristic synths to low-tempo bass madness, the Los Angeles-based duo are only getting warmed up this season. Just one listen will leave those bass enthusiasts in awe for more as they continue to push all limits and build their global fan base united through their passion to
craft forward-thinking bass music. Garnering support from legends such as Zeds Dead, Excision, NGHTMRE, and more, KLOWN are taking over the music industry one hard-hitting signature at a time with their newest single “Lost In Time” and we are all here for it. Naturally allowing the music to speak for itself, these experimental producers are not afraid to dig deep into the realms of bass music. With breathtaking vocals from Kayla Nettles flowing immaculately alongside stargazing chimes and a subtle uplifting melody, the clock begins to tick alongside sub-bass frequencies and distorted levels. Slowing down time as listeners enter a
new futuristic dimension designed by slow-tempo synths and a prolonged frequency which only lures fans further into KLOWN’s world of pure creativity. This one is an instant crowd-pleaser about to be rinsed at clubs and festivals around the world. Proving they are not a force to take lightly, KLOWN are definitely on another wavelength in the music industry. Check out the hard-hitting single below and connect with KLOWN here.





Photo Credits: Berzerk Media


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