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World’s first vinyl-centered festival to launch next year

Vinyl enthusiasts, rejoice! The world’s first vinyl-focused festival will be launching next year in the Netherlands.

As vinyl sales continue to rise across all continents, including the fact that more listeners are opting for more nostalgic music over new releases.  It’s about time there was a festival dedicated to the art of vinyl recordings.

The festival, entitled Haarlem Vinyl Festival (HVF) will take place from September 29th to October 1st 2023, and will host a series of arts, culture, and music events, and pop-ups.  According to the co-founder of the festival, Richard Zijlma, who has spent nearly two decades as the Director of one of Amsterdam’s most notable music events, Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE), he states that the festival team is putting an emphasis on working to embrace music across all genres during its four-day run.  Nearly 100 artists will perform and span from Pop to Electronic to Hip-Hop and more.  The festival is expecting nearly 15,000 attendees.

“In Haarlem we aim to create a leading vinyl festival that attracts visitors from all around the globe looking to immerse in vinyl culture. The city of Haarlem is the home base for a wide range of artists, venues and Record Industry, one of the world’s biggest vinyl pressing plants responsible for over 11 million records a year” says Zijlma.

Not only will there be a ton of performances, but the event is also slated to include listening sessions and workshops. To learn more information and to subscribe to email alerts on when tickets will be available for Haarlem Vinyl Festival click here.

Image Credit: Rudgr.com