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Alan Walker surprises fans with new release ‘Lovesick’ featuring Sophie Simmons: Listen

Alan Walker merges classical and modern sound in his brand new release ‘Lovesick‘ with Sophie Simmons which is out now via Sony Music.

Despite having an extremely busy Walkerverse World Tour, Alan Walker still manages to pull off a complete surprise for his fans by releasing his brand-new single, ‘Lovesick’. Following the success of his live shows and his previous releases like ‘Extremes’ (with Trevor Daniel) and EPs like ‘Walkerverse Pt.1’, ‘Slowed‘ and ‘Sped up‘, Alan is back with a surprise as he showcases his talent with some experimental sound.

With their latest single, ‘Lovesick’, Alan Walker and the amazing LA-based singer/songwriter Sophie Simmons deliver a top-notch nostalgic and classic good ol’ ambiance with a splash of the producer’s distinctive modern sound. Sophie has previously worked along with Sam Feldt for ‘Magnets’, ‘Mine‘ with Felix Cartel, ‘Downtown’ with R3HAB, and with Leah Kate for the viral hit ‘F*ck Up The Friendship,’ in addition to executive producing Casey Baer’s EP ‘Not That Girl‘. And now working alongside Alan Walker for ‘Lovesick’, Sophie’s music career is sure to going progress on a whole new level.

Now jumping onto this new release, it begins with an absolutely stunning orchestral atmosphere and a beautiful melodic violin riff. Sophie’s lovely vocals come in next, along with Alan’s kick drum and snares. The centerpiece is the addicting and incredibly catchy violin melody, which will have you wondering, “Have I heard this before?” The song’s overall feel will transport you back in time, and Alan expertly guides us thereby fusing classical music with modern music.

In terms of touring, Alan Walker’s Walkerverse tour has been a smashing success, garnering acclaim with several dates already sold out. He is presently on his Walkerverse tour in the United States, which will run until early December 2022.

In addition to having a busy November, Alan is also set to release Walkerverse Pt. 2, the second installment of his album. For now though, check out ‘Lovesick’ below.

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