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Boris Brejcha shares the fourth release of his Club Vibes series: Listen

Boris Brejcha is ready for the floor with the fourth extract from his ‘Club Vibes 04‘ EP series.

Boris Brejcha is not only the king of high-tech-minimal. The German artist is also the master of EPs. Having already an enviable collection of releases in that format this year, Brejcha didn’t want to let the year end without offering his fans more good music. ‘Club Vibes 04’ is part of the ‘Club Vibes‘ series and is the fourth of six volumes scheduled to come out. The fourth release encapsulates two tracks, like its predecessors, and is available now for streaming or download.

Boris Brejcha’s club vibes collection is being released via Harthouse, the label that 15 years ago when Boris Brejcha was only 25 years old, released his first EP. Nowadays Brejcha occupies the spotlight, but it is certainly with a very special taste that he returns to the label that welcomed him to share his energies in this ‘Club Vibes’ series.

On this fourth release, Brejcha offers two very different tracks that share a very powerful rhythmic wave. Boris Brejcha knows how to create tracks to dance to and these two are without a doubt two firecrackers on the dance floor.

First comes ‘Knocking Birds‘. The mood is serene and mystery sets in when you hear the bell echoing. It’s a clever set of layers that come in and out of the scene always in a progressive ride, increasing the tension at key moments and granting the track a mystical and suspenseful aura. A mix of fear and ecstasy drives the crowd wild to the sound of these ‘Knocking Birds’.

The second track of the EP arrives impregnated with Brejcha’s sonic signature. Within the first few seconds, it becomes unquestionable that this is another example of the unrivalled mastery of the German artist, whose sound design is already a strong mark on the dance circuit. More rhythmic, march-like, ‘LSD Waterpipe‘ is dangerously hypnotic, just as the name lets you suspect. The keys give it a more elegant and melodic character, whilst the drums are imperative in their order to dance.

Two powerful tracks, designed especially for the dancefloor, bringing enough sparkle and energy to get you dancing all over club season. Embrace this incredible fourth release of Boris Brejcha’s ‘Club Vibes’:

Image Credit: Boris Brejcha Press / Provided by Measure PR UK