Drumcode returns to its classic EPs with ‘A-Sides Vol.11’: Listen

After a two-year hiatus, Drumcode returns with its traditional ‘A-Sides‘ compilation bringing together 25 tracks of the highest quality.

Christmas is just around the corner and Adam Beyer has decided to get ahead of the presents by offering the techno community an exquisite compilation. The history of the ‘A-Side’ series dates back to 2012 with the release of its first volume which brought together 11 beautiful tracks. The birth of this compilation had quite an interesting purpose. It was Adam Beyer’s way of being able to release the demos submitted to Drumcode in a unique way. Without a way for them to be otherwise pared down to create one of the classical Drumcode EPs, this compilation was a strategic and proper way to release the brilliant tracks chosen so far.

The concept was very well accepted and has continued to repeat itself to this day, now representing a compilation always eagerly awaited due to the high quality and high octanes it emanates. Now, freshly out, comes to you ‘A-Sides Vol.11′, an especially anticipated volume as it marks the series’ return since its last release in 2020. This comeback happens ambitiously, compiling no less than 25 tracks that cover a wide spectrum of techno gems.


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The first track is undoubtedly one of the highlights of this compilation. ‘Rabbit Hole‘, the debut collaboration of Layton Giordani and HI-LO, was made available for streaming as a single last Friday and already has over 200k streams. The eleventh volume of this compilation also includes many other names from the Drumcode crew such as Tiger Stripes with ‘Altar‘, Veerus with ‘Lights on Me‘, Wehbba with ‘The Next Step‘, Mark Reeve with a remake of ‘Run Back‘, Thomas Hoffknecht with ‘Break Free‘ and Pig&Dan & Gregor Tresher with a 2022 updated mix of ‘Granular‘. Also noteworthy are the contributions of Marco Faraone with ‘Dream‘, Zimmz with ‘Qualia‘ and Avision with ‘Find Myself‘. Nicole Moudaber returns to Drumcode after three years with the incredible ‘Come To My Beat‘ and Gary Beck makes his return to Adam Beyer’s label since 2016 with ‘Ship Went Down‘. ‘A-Sides Vol.11’ also has room for some very interesting debuts like Cosmic Boys, LAAT, A.D.H.S., Anna Reusch and Andres Campo. The highlight on the debuts goes to Nicolas Taboada whose track ‘Circles‘ has been one of the weapons in Adam Beyer’s sets.

It’s a compilation that doesn’t come up short either in size or quality, bringing together a summary of the greatest power of what techno does best. A must-listen compilation here and now:

Image credit: Tomorrowland