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Kelvin Wiedenhoff discusses main inspirations, upcoming single ‘You’re On My Mind’ and more: Interview

Providing us all with a further glimpse into his remarkable life, Kelvin Wiedenhoff discusses main inspirations, developing his very own sound, the influence of social media, his upcoming single ‘You’re On My Mind,’ and so much more.

Looking to leave his own mark within the electronic dance industry, Kelvin Wiedenhoff is the epitome of an artist that has been mastering his craft to the utmost of perfection. Enticing listeners with his unique style of play, the London-based DJ/producer has set his sights on global dominance, whilst each of his productions offer a fresh new outlook into our scene. Inspired by the likes of Avicii, Martin Garrix and Tiësto when just naming a few, Wiedenhoff has been adapting in the most immersive of manners, and at the same time, has been able to develop his very own signature sound, through the blend of Deep House, Pop and Slap House. As versatile as anyone can be, this fast-rising star is well and truly on his way of leaving a lasting impact within our community, and in turn, we could not be any more thrilled to be joined by the man of the moment, as he discusses main influences and inspirations, the development of his very own sound, making a clear mark with his debut single ‘Not Easy,’ the significance of collaborative work, the release of his upcoming single ‘You’re On My Mind,’ the possibilities behind the production of a debut album, his impressive social media following and so much more.

Hello and thank you for joining us! Could you give us a little insight on the main inspirations/influences that led to your chosen career pathway?
Hey, thanks for having me. I have always been fascinated by music and in particularly House music. For me music is something beautiful that can bring people from all over the world together in unity. After graduating from the electronic music production school in London I have started working on creating my own sound and style. I am originally from the Netherlands and have been inspired by other Dutch artists with the likes of Tiësto, Martin Garrix and Afrojack to name a few.
Developing your own signature sound through a combination of various genres, we would like to know the overall feeling behind your style of play, as well as how it came to be?
I practiced making music like the people I liked listening to. That practice helped me learn what types of sounds I truly enjoyed making. Add in music theory and life experiences. Suddenly I had a sound. I found my sound (and I’m still refining it always) by just making a lot of music, analysing what I really liked and trying to steer myself in the ‘right’ direction. I mix the likes of Slap House, Deep House and Pop to create my own sound. Music inspirations come from multiple genres and styles. I personally won’t label or try to squeeze myself or my music into a genre cage.
Making a clear mark with your debut single, ‘Not Easy,’ we would like to know the main thought process behind the production of this certified hit, as well as the overall feeling when gaining the success that it deserved?
At first I was very nervous to release it. I have been putting releasing my first single off for a long time. But I finally decided to release it. I was overwhelmed with the support I received, I can’t believe how good it did for a first single. I gained support from some big Spotify playlist. ‘Not Easy’ tells the story of a gay boy. When he comes out of the closet, he is rejected by his best friends and some family members. I wanted my debut single to cater to the LGBTQ+ community as I am part of it myself.
Inspired by the likes of Avicii, Martin Garrix and Tiësto when just naming a few, could you give us a possible hint on any future collaborations that may be on the horizon, as well as the artist(s) that you would one day wish to work with?
I love collaborating with other artists, it keeps me inspired and on my toes. There are a lot of artists that I look up to – so if I have to pick a few – Martin Garrix and Tiësto would be in the top 5. With that being said, at the end of the day the music is more important than the names you work with, so when it comes down to whom I end up working with it will be more about the actual ideas and chemistry.
Constantly on the rise, your upcoming single ‘You’re On My Mind’ is set to leave a lasting impact within our scene. Could you give us a little insight on how this track came to be, as well as the overall feel when releasing your music to the world?
My upcoming single “You’re On My Mind offers a very accessible Pop Dance sound, the vocal is very smooth and sultry, it mingles well with the light and Trancy melodies with a strong atmospheric feel, the bass/drums also bounce nicely and bring the trendy Slap House flavors of the moment, the hook is very catchy too. It has been co-produced by well known Romanian/Turkish Deep House producer “millforlife”. A big name in the scene, who also appeared to by my mentor. It will be released on German record label “Chapter Eight” on the 30th of December 2022.
Implementing the most unique of elements into your productions, we would like to know if a debut album is on the horizon, and if yes, when could we expect for it to be released?
I am working on my debut album as we speak it will be a mix of deep house and club bangers. I am excited to tell that one of the tracks from my upcoming album will be released very soon. It’s a real club banger called “No Drugs From Amsterdam”. It’s a bass boosted dance track that will have people all over the world dancing to it. I am so excited by this release as I will be able to show a different side of myself and give a preview what to expect from my upcoming album. My album is set to be expected early next year.
With your social media accounts growing on the daily, we would like to know the significance of reaching to as many people as possible, as well as the overall feeling of being recognised online for your music?
I am very happy with my social media following at the moment. I am about to hit 100k followers spread over all my social media accounts with on Instagram (35k) and Facebook (46k) the largest following. I am happy to connect with my fans on these platforms and give them updates about my music. I have fans all over the world and they’re the nicest and supportive fans I could ever wish for. A lot of fans are from the LGBTQ+ community, that is very special to me as I want to give value back to my community.
With 2023 just around the corner, could you give us a little hint on any upcoming releases, shows or even a tour that may be on the cards?
I try not to get ahead of myself, I intend to build this step by steps. First things first, I have already scheduled up the next few singles over the next few months – From there it’s all about finishing the first album and getting that out there by early 2023. I am also planning a summer tour where I will be able to connect with my fans. I can’t tell you exactly where yet. But it will feature some of Europe’s coolest holiday destinations. More info about this will be released on my social media.
Remarkable to say the least, Wiedenhoff is well and truly on his way of leaving a lasting legacy through both his music and his approach to life for that matter. Blessing us all with the most eclectic of sound(s), we will most definitely be keeping a close eye on all his future endeavors, but for the time being, you can stay fully up to date by following him on Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.
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