Otray delivers guitar driven dance single ‘Bonfire Hearts’: Listen

Otray has been a rising star out of Austria ever since he stormed onto the scene in 2017, bringing his DJ talents to clubs around his native country.  His commitment to the craft as well as exciting productions that saw him blending genres, effortlessly blending dance and pop music, saw him earn the number 43 spot on the 2019 “Austrian DJ Top 50” list.

Having amassed millions of streams across streaming services, Otray has returned with his latest masterpiece, a guitar driven single that is built for the dance floor as well as the radio and top playlists everywhere.  With the acoustic guitar chugging along, a female vocal arrives immediately before the producer opts to bring in a pounding percussion underneath a pulsing synth pad to drive the single forward.  By the time the chorus refrain of, “I still feel it in my bonfire heart, burning up and, we’re just playing like we’re kids in the dark, our bonfire hearts, burning up like,” it is impossible not to begin humming along while feeling the full affect of the rhythm of the music.  Discussing the fun and lightweight feel of the track, Otray revealed:

“With ‘Bonfire Hearts’ I just wanted to capture the sound that shaped my early years as a child. I mean – who doesn’t wish to be a child again? This feeling of freedom, lightheartedness and simple thinking was priceless. When I hear the song, I automatically think of the campfire evenings I had with my best friends. Just a beautiful memory.”

The feeling is clearly captured as the song invokes an energy and spirit that brings out fond memories, friendship and the moments that bring people together.  It is an energy and production that is fitting of Otray’s commitment to blending heartfelt pop with dance floor ready productions, and surely will help further propel his name into the mainstream.

Stream the track below & download it via your preferred platform here.


Image Credit: Otray (Press) / Provided by Artist


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