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Rezz announces first-ever B2B set with deadmau5 taking place in 2023

After recently attending a deadmau5 show, Rezz announced her first ever headlining B2B set with the star, set to happen at a currently undisclosed festival sometime in 2023.

With deadmau5 currently touring North American cities and his upcoming stop being 713 Music Hall in Houston, TX, it was no wonder Rezz would happen to show up at one of them. The unique dynamic of the two successful and talented artists has been demonstrated last year in the form of a collaborative midtempo banger ‘Hypnocurrency’, with both the fans and the artists dubbing them ‘Rezzmau5‘. To the luck of many, this unstoppable force is entering a new saga, as Rezz recently took to Twitter to casually drop a bomb of an announcement after deadmau5’s show, of the duo having their first-ever headlining back-to-back set in 2023. Although the date and the festival this is happening at still is being undisclosed, the fans in the replies are in a frenzy, full of questions and anticipation of the set.

The masked mouse and ‘Space Mom’ (nickname given to Rezz by her fans) is one of two exciting b2b collaborations deadmau5 has up in his sleeve, with his other project with Kaskade being on a roll for a while now. Kx5 rolled out a number of releases just throughout this year – ‘Take Me High’, ‘Alive’ and latest addition ‘Avalanche’ are hitting millions of plays on streaming platforms across the internet. With immense love for the deadmau5 and Rezz collaboration, which is currently sitting at over 27 million Spotify streams and surely will not stop growing, it is clear there is demand for the two to give to their community with b2b shows and bangers to come.


Image Credit: Courtesy of mau5trap

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