RYLLZ Nemesis

RYLLZ breathes new life into 2018 viral melodic trap hit for “Nemesis Pt. II”

Four years and almost 1 billion streams and views later, young Dutch trailblazer RYLLZ is breathing new life into his 2018 trap anthem, ‘Nemesis.’

Enlisting the talents of singer/songwriter Bella Renee, RYLLZ has provided a fresh vocal rework to his previous viral hit ‘Nemesis’ to bring us ‘Nemesis Pt. II.’ The original, released in 2018 on tastemaker imprint Lacuna, saw a 14-year-old RYLLZ captivate millions, curating a bass-heavy trap anthem that fueled trends on TikTok, and Instagram Reels with massive success. Now the original has been elevated to the next level with the help of Bella Renee’s infectious vocal lines, which truly complement RYLLZ’s revamped production before the track’s now-iconic drop takes over. A stunning combination of hard-hitting bass sounds, trap drums and R&B-infused vocals, this immaculate re-imagination makes a fine addition to his lengthy catalogue.

In transforming this once-instrumental gem, the release of ‘Nemesis Pt. II’ sees RYLLZ continue his unhesitating break out onto the music scene that started way back in 2017. Speaking on his latest offering, he had this to add;

I felt like I had to give back in a way, as looking back on it 4 years later there’s a lot of things that could be done better from a producer’s perspective. So I started rebuilding the instrumental, honoring the original sound, but done the way I’d do it today. I hit up Bella Renee after hearing her on Reaper’s “IMY”, and she loved the idea!! We got to work together right away, and after countless hours of work, I’m finally happy to present to you, the 2022 version of ‘Nemesis,’”

As RYLLZ has gone from strength to strength, so has Bella Renee in her own right. Infusing the gripping sounds of indie and electronica, with her heartfelt and fervent words; Bella persists in expressing herself through magnetic music like this.

Be sure to stream Nemesis Pt. II’ for yourselves below, and let us know what you think!

Image Credit: Press / Lacuna

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