Sharl 'Outside'

Sharl unveils feel-good single ‘Outside’ alongside stunning music video: Watch

Leaving us all in awe once again, Sharl has just unveiled her latest release, ‘Outside‘ under City Lights album and alongside it a music video that perfectly embodies the thriving local community of talented artists within the Asian community of Melbourne.

Fresh off the release of her new album, ‘City Lights,’ Sharl has just unveiled a feel-good disco pop song in the form of ‘Outside,’ and alongside it a music video that perfectly embodies the underground movement of the Asian community and their thriving artistic features. Constantly on the rise, the Melbourne-based pop artist takes pride in both her music, as well as the stunning visuals that most often than not accompany each of her releases. Dedicated to mastering her craft, Sharl is well and truly on the path towards global dominance, and as you may have guessed, we are most definitely all for it.

Enticing listeners in the most intriguing of fashions, ‘Outside’ offers a wider look into the creative genius of this artist to watch, as the grooviest of vibes will have anyone feeling some type of way throughout the tracks’ entirety. Building upon the urbane-disco sounds with a noir meets cyberpunk aesthetic, the main inspiration behind the music video leaves no doubt to the imagination, and in turn, an array of emotions are presented in a manner that will leave anyone begging for more. Shining the spotlight on local artists through this latest project, Sharl showcases the vision surrounding the community within their area, but at the same time, provides also further limelight in order for the world to be inspired by the talents that make this music video, one for the ages.

Having achieved global recognition through an array of accolades for the accompanying music video of her album track, ‘I Fell in Love,’ Sharl looks to once again leave a lasting impact through the creative excellence that follows her every move, and what better way than staying true to herself and the local community that thrives whenever opportunities of this magnitude are presented. A truly breathtaking track, accompanied by the most fitting of music videos, be sure to check out ‘Outside’ in all its glory below, and don’t forget to stay fully up to date with Sharl and all her future endeavors, by following her on Facebook, Instagram and Spotify. Enjoy!



Image Credit: Sharl / Provided by Press

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