Thy Veils

Thy Veils showcase wide range of influences on new single ‘Influx’: Listen

With a ride range of influences, the Romanian art collective and music project, Thy Veils, has returned with their latest single, Influx, as they finish work on their upcoming full length album.  With over 25 years of music and performance experience, the group, lead by founder and musician, Daniel Dorobantu, the group sounds as focused and passionate as ever with their newest release.

While high quality visuals and art to coincide with music and live performances has become the norm in the modern digital age, Thy Veils committed to this concept back in 2008, transforming from a studio and live music project into a rotating art ensemble that includes a broad list of musicians, photographers, stylists, choreographers and more to help bring the full vision and scope of the project to life.  With their latest release, the beautifully dark yet funky single, Influx, the group looks to expand upon their minimalist indie and pop style, creating a track that feels modern but also wouldn’t be out of place alongside the darker 80’s pop made famous by acts like Depeche Mode and New Order.  Daniel Dorobantu described the meaning and motivations behind the track:

“Influx’ is a call to unity and an invitation to a new togetherness. It is about us all because it’s about our collective consciousness – what we all feel, desire, experience, dream, remember and envision.”

Aside from the synth work from Dorobantu, the track also allows for Mircea Ardeleanu Jr. on bass to showcase some funk, while creating a solid foundation for Maria Hojda’s vocals to sit on top of the mix, inviting listeners to sing along her smooth delivery and solid melody.  The crisp production and quality songwriting showcase a group that is still energized to create, even after nearly 30 years of work in the industry.  Enjoy Influx as fans everywhere await their upcoming full length album, Next Forever.

Image Credit: Georgiana Feidi / Provided by Artists

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