Vorwerk and Jørg reunite for invigorating new single ‘Rise of the Tuvan’: Listen

Vorwerk and Jørg have put their minds together to produce ‘Rise of the Tuvan’, an incredible single out on Vorwerk’s newly formed record label.

Vorwerk and Jørg have teamed up once again, blending techno, psytrance and big room flavours into their latest offering ‘Rise of the Tuvan’. Following up on their previous work together in The Navigator’, the fellow Dutchmen have new cutting-edge shared ideas on yet another mainstage anthem. ‘Rise of the Tuvan’ brandishes unrelenting bassline rhythms straight from the first beat, driving through the track’s atmospheric scale in combination with the heavy-hitting percussion that constantly drives the record forward. It’s also unique for the throat-singing sample that enters the mix in the breakdown, bringing something authentic and unique into the dance music realm, that has not perhaps been heard before. Both stalwarts of the scene since the 1990’s the track will undoubtedly see heavy rotation as its already seen support from a wide variety of DJs.

Two months ago, Vorwerk announced his new record label, VRWRK; a label which will focus solely on releasing collaborations with Vorwerk himself. A versatile creative, he is always open to collaborations as demonstrated with Jørg and moving forward, he will continue to thrive off of releasing innovative new releases under the imprint. It doesn’t matter which genre, since the label aims to reflect the immense diversity in music today.

Be sure to stream ‘Rise of the Tuvan’, for yourselves below and let us know what you think!

Image Credit: Press / VRWRK

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