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Boris Brejcha takes listeners into the stratosphere with ‘Captain Nemo’: Listen

High tech minimal master Boris Brejcha is back to his FCKNG SERIOUS label with the groovy new single ‘Captain Nemo.’ “A classic techno board, with a smooth melody, the way I like it best,” describes the producer.

Becoming somewhat of a cult classic within the masked musician’s fanbase over the months since stapling it within his live sets across the globe, Boris Brejcha has given fans an early Christmas gift in the form of the anticipated release of ‘Captain Nemo’ via FCKNG SERIOUS.

Always one to tell stories through his melodies, this one is certainly no different and takes fans on a cosmic and mystifying journey through space. Through its long runtime (8:21 in the unedited version), it allows the track to take its time building up and introducing multiple intricate layers of synths and melodies, allowing the listener to leave the world behind and fully immerse themselves in the world that ‘Captain Nemo’ introduces.

Boris Brejcha says it perfectly with his take on the story:

“Captain Nemo flies with his spaceship to galaxies far away. The rolling and creaky bass is the engine from the spaceship and the spacey melody is to sound, like a Morse signal, through space to make new friends, and party together. A classic techno board, with a smooth melody, the way I like it best.”

Alongside the official release, Brejcha shares a captivating music video for the single, filled with hypnotic imagery made for the best audiovisual experience. Stream the track on all platforms here, and watch the music video below.

Image Credit: Boris Brejcha Press / Provided by Measure PR UK

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