Carl Cox

Carl Cox releases ‘Electronic Generations’, first album in over a decade: Listen

After a long wait and a hiatus of over 10 years since his last LP, Carl Cox offers an album dedicated to modern techno.

Electronic Generations‘ is King’s fifth studio album and his first in over a decade. No less biographical in character than his book ‘Oh Yes, Oh Yes‘, this LP seeks to be Carl Cox’s offering in the light of what techno is in today’s eyes. Electronic Generations’ is already available on the usual platforms, via BMG.

Carl Cox is the king of techno and the personification of the rave spirit. The early rave scene was characterised by originality, raw energy, improvisation and pushing boundaries. Cox is exactly that today, as he was then and perhaps because of this, he is one of the few who could really offer an album called ‘Electronic Generations’ which at the same time reviews the sonic influences that have guided Carl Cox’s career until now and portrays the techno of today.

In his 30+ year career, Cox has had a huge impact on British and worldwide electronic culture. In the same way, music has also carved deep creases into Cox’s existence over the years:

‘I could be complacent and just stick to what I already do but I can’t do that. I have to go out, I have to drag my gear around, I have to set it up, I have to get a soundcheck, I have to make sure that when I do come on, it’s intense. It’s where I should be, where I need to be right now for me to be fulfilled in my position of who I am as a DJ and an artist.’

‘Electronic Generations’ is composed of a disc of 17 solo tracks and another full of versions and heavy collaborations such as Fatboy Slim on ‘Speed Trials On Acid‘, Franky Wah on ‘See the Sun Rising‘ or Nicole Moudaber on ‘How It Makes You Feel‘. Sonically, the album sails eclectic and expansive seas, bringing acid lines, raw energy, urban breakbeats, melodic groove, euphoric synths and banging techno flavours.

It’s a must-listen album, oh yes, oh yes:


Image Credit: Dan Reid / Provided by Eureka Artists