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Close to Monday share new single ‘Back To The Light’: Listen

Returning with an emphatic end-of-the-year release, Close to Monday has delivered a powerful new single to close out 2022.  Full of hard-hitting percussion and a robust layer of synths and leads, the track draws in listeners from the opening note and holds them tight with the infectious topline.

Released just over two months after their most recent full-length album, Secret Wishes, it is clear that Close to Monday is feeling inspired with such strong and steady output this year.  As the group describes in their own bio, their songs reflect moments and images that get conveyed through the composition and production of each track:

The band works in electronic music genres, with each of their tracks communicating a ‘photo of feelings’ – a ready-made image, a situation reflecting their perception of things happening in the surrounding world and inside themselves, emotional experiences that are familiar to everybody.

For Back to Light, the group leans into an industrial pop styling, harking back to 80’s groups like Depeche Mode, but with a modern gleam and a warmth in the songs that often doesn’t come through in other industrial pop artists.  Of course, that energy is in some ways contrasted immediately by the opening line of, “the gallows are already built, customers are waiting.”  While that is a dark image, there is hope in the vocal delivery and the energy evolves for the chorus refrain, a hopeful self-anthem of trying to do better and remain positive.  “I try, I try I try, not to be so cruel, just to see the way to the light,” reveals a message of hope and self-awareness amidst a world that can make it difficult to look on the brighter side.  For Close to Monday, the group shows that the journey of life can be full of contrasts while still being full of hope.  Check out Back To The Light below.


Image Credit: Close To Monday (Press) / Provided by Artist

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