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Daft Punk set to feature in the latest Peloton workout artist series

Merging exercise, technology and music like no other, Peloton have just announced Daft Punk as the latest featured artist for their online classes. A Daft Punk Peloton series that cannot go unmissed, be sure to check the classes through the company’s official app.

Infusing electronic music and exercise in the most immersive of fashions, Peloton have just announced Daft Punk as their latest artist series. With a core mission of using “technology and design to connect the world through fitness,” the exercise equipment and media company ensure through their classes and workouts, the best possible results for anyone looking to empower themselves into their best version. Elevating the experience to even further levels, working out to the legendary productions of the masked duo, will most definitely have anyone hooked and rearing to go through each of the selected classes that feature music courtesy of Daft Punk.

A multi-series that includes runs, rides, strength, yoga and row when just naming a few, the Daft Punk Peloton classes will cater for all types of training levels, as well as for the enthusiasts of the duo’s music. With no live classes scheduled for this week, anyone looking to participate will be via encore classes that begin on the 31st of December, and in turn, the entire series will be dropping on-demand, with each of the classes, set times, assigned trainers and more, found on the Peloton app. With the collaboration also resulting in Daft Punk music availability through the Platform, it will only make sense that their music will also feature throughout 2023 and for a range of classes, and in turn, further expanding their already immense catalogue of artists that have been added over the past few years.

Taking full advantage of your Peloton membership, a number of badges are available for grabs with each Daft Punk class completion, adding further incentive to kick-start the new year in the healthiest of manners. A workout initiative like no other, Peloton are the true pioneers when it comes to the merge of exercise and technology, and with artist series of such magnitude, we cannot wait of what’s to come next. With this said, be sure to visit the official Peloton website here, and if you are not a member of the fitness app, we highly recommend what they have to offer. Will you be partaking in one of the Daft Punk Peloton classes? Let us know in the comments section.

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