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Daft Punk share rare unmasked live clip from 1997: Watch

The image of the robots in their helmets is nearly equal to the iconic music created by the legendary duo Daft Punk.  While the group officially announced that they would be breaking up in 2021, they have continued to excite fans by sharing exclusive and re-mastered content with fans through their website and social media.

The lore and mystique of Daft Punk and its members, Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, often lies in the extreme detail and lengths the duo went to in order to cover their faces while maintaining the “robot” personas which have defined them for decades.  Having not taken to the stage since their 2007 tour, the duo and any insight or document of their performances are equal to that of the holy grail of dance music.  With the 25th anniversary of their debut album Homework in full effect, the group is opening up its vault and offering a plethora of content for fans new and old to digest and obsess over.

Most recently, the group uploaded a remastered edit of their iconic video for Da Funk, which follows the evening of a man with a dog’s head named Charles.  While fans certainly appreciated the release, it is their latest reveal that will have the biggest impact on their rabid fanbase.  Taken from a 1997 show at Los Angeles’ famed Mayan Theater, the group get to watch a helmet-less Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo delivering a hard-hitting rendition of Rollin & Scratchin.  Although the video is a bit grainy, the two producers can clearly be seen, working hard behind their full complement of hardware as they work hard to navigate the many buttons and knobs, a staple of how they would produce tracks on the fly for performances.  While fan’s appetite for live footage, especially before the helmets may be insatiable, this new clip will surely hold the world over until the group decide to share more.

Image Credit: Olena Tatarintseva / Shutterstock.com

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