Dyson Air-purifying headphones

Dyson set to release $949 air-purifying headphones in March 2023

Last week, British company Dyson, better known for making vacuum cleaners, announced their ambitious plan to release their Dyson Zone headphones.

The company teased the announcement of the Dyson Zone noise-canceling and air-purifying headphones earlier this year, but almost all details were kept secret from the public. It wasn’t until early December that the company finally announced information about pricing and availability. The headphones are set to release in the US, the UK, Ireland, Hong Kong and Singapore in March 2023, starting out at a hefty $949, about twice the amount as Apple’s AirPods Max.

The Dyson Zone device combines a pair of headphones with a face-protecting air purifier, giving them the appearance of an almost Bane-looking mask (from Batman The Dark Knight Rises). The device uses air compression technology to suck in fresh air through the ear cups, which is then filtered through mesh carbon filters and pumped to the visor. Although it may seem like something inspired by the COVID-19 pandemic, the headphones are a device six years in the making. Dyson has made it clear that Zone’s main purpose is to filter out air pollution, not viruses like the coronavirus. 

The primary target audience that the company is trying to reach are those living in countries/cities where air quality is far from satisfactory. Although masks have become a bit more acceptable in Western society compared to pre-pandemic times, Zone was still received with heavy skepticism by the public, especially now with the non-existent COVID-19 restrictions in many parts of the world. Not only that, but the price tag is also a lot to ask for from consumers during a recession. 

Visit Dyson’s website for more information on the Dyson Zone noise-canceling and air-purifying headphones. 


Image Credit: Dyson

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