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Hardwell delivers deluxe edition of new album ‘REBELS NEVER DIE’: Listen

While the anticipation for the return of Hardwell to the stage and studio was palpable throughout the beginning of 2022, the Dutch DJ show no signs of rust after his hiatus as he lit up the main stage at Ultra Music in Miami in March before a long series of single releases in the build-up to the release of Rebels Never Die.  Now, with his return complete, and a successful world tour in the books, the former number 1 DJ in the world has decided to close the year out by sharing a deluxe version of the album, with one brand new track and 4 remixes.

While the first fourteen tracks stay true to the original, which we covered here upon its release, Hardwell does treat fans with an exciting new track in the mainstage-ready anthem, Oh Gosh.  It kicks off the deluxe segment of Rebels Never Die but certainly would not have been out of place had it been included upon the original release.  The track continues on the sonic journey that he treated fans to across the original first fourteen tracks and makes a great segway into the bonus remixes tacked on at the end.

These are not throwaway tracks by any means, as Hardwell looks to branch his past with his present work, sharing reworks and edits of some of his most iconic moments.  He starts out with a Rebels Never Die Rework of his anthem, Spaceman.  The track comes in hard and he delivers an aggressive, hard-hitting reimagination of his iconic hit which will have fans losing their minds by the time the iconic lead hits.  From there, the Bigroom Never Dies – Rebels Never Die Rework takes over, offering a fun sonic journey through another classic.  Hardwell again looks back with one foot firmly in the future, showcasing that he came back from his hiatus on a mission and with a sound in mind.

Closing out the bonus tracks, Hardwell gives Retrograde a Never Say Die Remix facelift, again focusing on how he can combine the before and after hiatus eras of his career into one focused effort.  Closing out the album, he aims high, daring to give Metallica’s Nothing Else Matters a dance music twist, with help from his album track, F*cking Society.  Fans who caught the world tour probably recognize this and all the remixes from his set as he kindly offers fans the chance to digest live staples from the comfort of their own homes.  Like anything Hardwell does, these new tracks showcase a producer who is locked in and looking to deliver some of the best tracks in dance music…and once again, he succeeds.

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