Reinier Zonneveld & Oliver Heldens

HI-LO & Reinier Zonneveld take you to the sacred world of ‘Samsara’: Listen

HI-LO and Reinier Zonneveld team up again to deliver an ethnic-infuse techno belter.

Of course not, HI-Lo and Reinier Zonneveld weren’t going to let this year end without first gifting you with another one of their explosive collaborations. ‘Samsara‘ is the name of the latest release from this heavyweight pair, already available on streaming as a single via Filth On Acid. ‘Samsara’ will be released alongside with ‘Nirvana‘ as an EP on January 6.

They say you can’t mess with a winning team, which is true when these two get together in the studio. It’s interesting to note that the two artists’ distinct styles seem to bring out the best in each other, in a constant challenge to outdo and complement each other, always managing to deliver music that is elegant, meticulously produced and simply infectious. Techno at its finest? Yes, indeed. Oliver Heldens brings his techno alias HI-LO back to Filth on Acid to once again collaborate with label boss Reinier Zonneveld. Together they have produced masterpieces such as ‘Balearic Mornings‘, ‘Existencia‘, ‘Saw Of Olympus’, ‘String Theory‘, and more recently ‘Flying Octopus‘. Now, as the final offering of 2022, the Dutch super duo deliver a powerful techno belter.

Wrapped in an ethnic mystique, ‘Samsara’ kicks off with Hindu chants that immediately bewitch you. The melody of the vocals seems too groovy for a techno work, but the truth is that they are the perfect soul for the pace that Reinier and HI-LO offer in the elegant drums composition of ‘Samsara’. The layering, the dramatic pause that invites the elements to regroup in a perfectly orchestrated dance, the expansive mood… all these details coat ‘Samsara’ with a quality that is hard to achieve. It’s a techno tune that doesn’t lack dynamism, a solid melodic component and a bubbling rhythm. It is the perfect soundtrack for the transition of another year that is expected to be fantastic and who knows with more collaborations like this.


Image Credit: Image Credit: Romy Treebusch (Oliver Heldens) / Provided by Listen-Up PR & Jos Kottmann (Reinier Zonneveld)