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How to build a musician’s IG brand: Win the marketing game and gain many Instagram followers

As someone who makes music and wants to utilize social platforms for marketing, you might buy 20 Instagram followers to start. In this article, we’ll discuss how Insta can help you if you need a platform to attract new IG fans to your music.

Musicians are artists, and if you want to earn your living through your music, you probably want to feed the creative impulse while still making money. It can be a tricky balancing act, and you need the cash to support yourself comfortably. However, you also want to bring the masses the musical stylings that you’re undoubtedly constantly working on and trying to improve.

As a musician, you can promote your music through the following:

  • Live performances;
  • Downloads of your latest album or song;
  • Having a website and Instagram blog where you talk about your latest efforts and collect IG followers;
  • Appearing on music-related podcasts to gain more Instagram fans.


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All of these ideas are potentially helpful, but you need also pay attention to social apps as a way to get news of your music out there. Various platforms can be of use to you, but Insta might be one of your best bets if you’re not sure about which one to utilize first.

A Few Brief Words About Marketing on Social Media

Some musicians are pretty clueless about promoting themselves and gaining followers on Instagram. Just because you’re a skilled songwriter or a fantastic guitar player, that doesn’t necessarily mean you know about marketing via a platform like IG.

Marketing yourself via social platforms does not have to be as mystifying as it first appears, though. Suppose you’re going to use Instagram for a business. In that case, there are definitely some best practices that you may follow that should help you as you start trying to navigate the digital world.

Let’s go over some strategies that will likely aid you when you try to promote your music via Instagram and gain more followers for IG.

Purchase Your First Followers

Keep in mind that some superstars within the industry, like Justin Beiber, got started by going viral on social media. Everyone must start somewhere, and Instagram is as good of a place as any to gain more followers.

However, when you first show up on this platform, keep the following in mind:

  • Very few people probably know who you are, yet;
  • Attracting more IG fans to follow you organically is challenging if you don’t already have an established platform;
  • There is always going to be stiff competition, regardless of the musical genre in which you perform.

When you think about all of that, buying your first followers for Instagram instead of trying to attract them organically starts to make sense. You do not need a lot of money to purchase your first package of IG fans to jumpstart your account.

What you’ll want to do is find a company that sells this type of package. Make sure you use an entity that has a spotless industry reputation and spends only as much money as you have in your marketing budget. You don’t want to overextend yourself.


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Master IG Stories

There are several critical features on the Instagram platform about which you should know. The IG Stories feature is one of the best possible ones to know about as a musician.

As someone who makes music, you should use this format because Stories are short, and followers on Insta rarely have a long attention span. They should like the idea of absorbing information in a brief but compelling form.

You may also tantalize your potential IG fans by only including the first few seconds of you singing or playing a song. These teasers might encourage your potential Instagram followers to:

  • Check out your website;
  • Look at your other social profiles;
  • Do a Google search for you to see if you’re playing nearby or have done collaborations with other artists.

Using Stories to give platform users just a sneak peek of what you’re all about should earn you some IG followers and also likes, and comments


Instagram Growth

How to Make Your Stories Even Better

It would help if you also made your Stories better by using compelling visuals to go along with the snippet of your music. You might have an animation that you feel goes well with the mood or tone you’re trying to create. You can add hashtags that you think define you as an artist in a short, descriptive way to attract more followers for Instagram.

You will want to use location tags whenever you can. For instance, if you’re performing live, tag the bar, arena, nightclub, or wherever else you are appearing. That allows your IG fans to follow you in real time. Perhaps any of them who are nearby will show up for the performance.

Ask Your Fans Questions

You also want to make your Instagram like a party to which everyone is invited. How do you do that? Asking your IG or TikTok fans to involve themselves directly is always a good option.

Have a poll on your Insta and ask your Instagram followers about venues where they would like to see you perform. Ask them about what songs they would like to hear as part of your set list when you’re about to do a live show.

You can also conduct giveaways if you’ve got a new album coming out and you’re trying to promote it. Whatever you can do to encourage a give-and-take with your IG fans is to your benefit.

Post About Your Creative Process

Social media is often a way for followers of artists to feel like they’re backstage or in the studio with them. Try to cultivate relationships with your Instagram fans that way.

Take your Insta followers through what a typical day is like when you’re writing and recording songs. Show yourself going through the trials and tribulations of life on the road while you’re touring.

Try to get intimate about what moves you as an artist to create the music that you do. Intimacy, when it’s genuine, shines through on a platform like Instagram. Taking full advantage of that is possible for marketing purposes if you make your IG fans feel special.

Talk About Your Origin

No musician appears out of nowhere. We all come from somewhere, and telling the story of how you came to be the artist that you are is a can’t-miss prospect on a platform like Insta.

You might have a video of you walking through your hometown. It would be helpful if you talked about some of the places where you hung out as a kid, or you might speak about the inspiration for one of your hit songs.

You might talk about other artists who influenced you or how some life experience helped make you stronger. Anyway, you can show your vulnerability will humanize you to your Instagram followers.

Remember that if you’re bogged down with the other aspects of being an artist, you can also get a social media manager to help craft your content on the platforms. You’ll have to pay them to get more followers for you, but it might be worth it if they can bring in thousands of new IG fans, likes, and shares. Having someone on your team who can bring new marketing strategies to the table should prove invaluable.


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