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Julien Vertigo returns with two track ‘Glory EP’: Listen

Just under two months after releasing his most recent single, Parallel World, producer Julien Vertigo is set to return with a brand new Ep titled Glory.  Released via Ear Porn Music, the two-track collection showcases the Swiss producer’s keen sense of scale and detail which he brings to his works.

With both tracks surpassing the seven-minute, they allow Julien Vertigo to truly explore the space, and the evolution of the compositions ebb and flow, bringing listeners on a majestic sonic journey.  The collection opens with the title track, Glory, featuring bursts of percussion and magnificent melodies, it unfolds throughout its sprawling seven minutes, constantly engaging the listener while also offering serenity and bliss within.

This new EP opens with Glory, a dramatic cut with big glassy melodies falling down over a moody techno beat. It is epic in scale and atmosphere and really takes you on a trip. Inner Soul is then just as emotional, with spine tingling chords, subtle finger clicks and sweeping beats all lifting you off your feet. The synth craft is deft and means the track makes a real impact. The idea behind this EP was to experiment something a bit different with kind of melancholic and emotional vibes that could be maybe used as closing tracks or the kind of journeys you will easily listen after a long week of work with a great glass of red wine at home 🙂

For Inner Soul, Vertigo opens with a darker edge, defined by a steady kick pattern, as synths and leads ebb and flow in the background.  While the track starts off heavier than its partner on the EP, it quickly opens up to allow for the synths and chimes to shine through, ensuring that listeners are engaged while kept on their feet.  It makes for a beautiful set of songs as Julien Vertigo continues to showcase his production and composition talents.

Image Credit: Julien Vertigo (Press) / Provided by Artist

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