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Martin Garrix to release new single for Marvel Snap

With a career of grand achievements, Martin Garrix still continues to find ways to expand his reach while adding to his substantial resume. 2022 has been a year of new ventures and collaborations for the Dutch DJ and producer, and it seems that he will be closing out the year with another one.

Taking to social media, Martin Garrix has revealed that his latest single will be released this week and is a collaboration with JVKE. The up-and-coming musician found success during the Covid-19 lockdowns when he utilized TikTok to create viral content for his music. With the recent success of his massive single, ‘Golden Hour,’ it should come as little surprise that the Providence, RI musician finds himself collaborating alongside Garrix on this upcoming release. While few details about the song exist so far, fans of both artists can surely expect a beautiful vocal melody with an epic production.

The song is exciting not just for the coming together of Martin Garrix and JVKE, but also because it is inspired by and will be featured in the new Marvel Snap video game. With the Marvel Universe seemingly dominating so much of the cultural conversation for the last decade and a half, the release of ‘Hero‘ within the game is an excellent platform for both artists.

While fans anxiously await the release on December 8th, it’s a good time to download the game in anticipation of the new single.

Of course, fans of Martin Garrix are always excited about new music and no doubt hope that this sets the stage for another big year of releases in 2023. With the confirmation of work on a new track with fellow mainstage icon, Alesso, recently announced, the whole industry will have its eyes on Garrix as he continues his dominance of the dance music space.


Image Credit: Louis van Baar

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