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Martin Garrix unveils Music Academy in collaboration with JBL & STMPD RCRDS

Producer and DJ Martin Garrix collaborates with JBL and STMPD RCRDS on a unique opportunity for inspiring artists, The Music Academy.

Martin Garrix has placed himself as one of the leading producers within the world of electronic music, garnering millions of streams and amassing an enormous following of loyal fans. Continuous giving back to the community and industry, Garrix has announced a unique opportunity for 40 budding musicians, songwriters, vocalists and producers from around the world when he presents the Music Academy, a collaboration between JBL and STMPD RCRDS and studios.

Created to take artists at the beginning of their careers further, the 3-day programme will teach artists all things music and industry including branding, business, writing, mixing, mastering and everything in between. Also building on the individual’s social identity, with a course in public relations and media, with a further focus on legalities in the industry. Programme front-runner Martin Garrix discusses the venture when he states:

I’m super excited about this Music Academy. The focus for us at STMPD RCRDS is already on emerging talent, but thanks to this collaboration with JBL we can provide a platform to a large group of new talent from all over the world.

The Martin Garrix and JBL Music Academy 28th March till 31st March in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and invites inspiring musicians, singers, songwriter of all levels of expertise to submit a short motivational video on why they should take part as well as a maximum of three tracks. People eager to partake can enter before January 27th via the link here.

Image Credit: Louis van Baar

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