MEDUZA teams up with DEL-30 on ‘Sparks’ feat. Mali-Koa: Listen

Italian trio MEDUZA join forces with English producer DEL-30 and Australian singer Mali-Koa to release their progressive dance single ‘Sparks,’ out now on Anjunabeats.

GRAMMY®-nominated trio MEDUZA is back with a new release this year, this time joining forces with DEL-30 and Mali-Koa to release ‘Sparks,’ the trio’s debut Anjunabeats release. The record has been teased by MEDUZA all throughout this year’s festival season, including at their brand new 4D experience ODIZZEA and at their EDC Las Vegas 2022 set, giving fans something new to be excited for. 

‘Sparks’ starts off with a riser-like sound, giving us the feeling as if we just landed back on Earth. Mali-Koa’s vocals follow up and become the main centerpiece of the track, offering us a rhythmic blend of lyrics while a melodic foundation of synths keeps her on beat. Her vocals continue into the build-up, where melodic and subtle synths begin to crescendo as the drop gets closer. As we continue this musical journey into the drop, an enormous kick/percussion and brass-like synth begin to take the lead, surrounding listeners in a euphoric atmosphere where they can release their all-time high feelings of happiness. 

MEDUZA, DEL-30 and Mali-Koa created a record that perfectly blends each of their sound and production into the mix. Mesmerizing listeners with a relaxing, yet exciting atmosphere, the single is a perfect representation of today’s modern progressive dance sound that is constantly being pushed by other artists within the genre. With that being said, ‘Sparks’ is a great introduction single for MEDUZA, DEL-30 and Mali-Koa to join the Anjunafamily in 2022. Like several of their previous releases, MEDUZA’s new single is bound to gain enormous streaming and dancefloor success.  

Check out MEDUZA and DEL-30’s new single ‘Sparks’ feat. Mali-Koa on Spotify down below or on your favorite streaming platform!



Image Credit: Meduza (Press) / Provided by Listen-Up PR

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