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Modern Temple are reaching out millions with their music [Artist Spotlight]

Music has always been part of our lives. With so many musicians in the industry, many different genres. However, few can identify with music that speaks to their souls. Among the few artists that create great inspirational music for audiences is Modern Temple. A music band composed of a husband and wife, Modern Temple writes most of its songs from personal experiences that most people can relate to.

“Each of our songs has a mystery for listeners to unlock,” Modern Temple notes. The band is composed of Dustin Moreau and Ellie Moreau, who are both artists, multi-instrumentalists, and producers. The husband and wife team creates songs that provoke feelings and give hope to the listener. As they note, “Our songs are much more than just something to listen to, we believe that they are a vehicle to help bring hope to a listener and provoke curiosity on things such as God, purpose, and love.” Their purpose is to tell personal stories through a poetic perspective to capture the attention and heart of the fans.

Modern Temple has collectively reached over 500,000 streams on Spotify. The milestone is the beginning of a journey they are ready to conquer. As they say, the focus is on 2023 to create more impact through music. Modern Temple’s music is  life-changing and colors outside the lines of genre, keeping listeners guessing what’s next.

The duo notes that “We have been given so much from the Lord and believe we are called to share that when asked” when they are talking about their music. They believe music can spread the love of Jesus Christ to the world. In Jesus Christ, there’s peace, answers, and solace whenever you feel confused, anxious, or depressed. All it takes is to ask from the Lord Jesus Christ, and everything will be granted to you. They narrate that they are aware everyone has their journey and beliefs, and theirs is to spread the Gospel through music.

However, the music journey can be challenging. Modern Temple talks about their biggest challenge in the journey, which is time. They have full-time jobs and a two-year child to look after. Therefore, creating time for their jobs, family, and music is challenging. They note that they must maximize their time to make great music when they get into the studio. Their other challenge is social media. With the widespread use of social media, comparison can become an enemy. However, they take their journey as unique, requiring focus and not comparison. They note that “All we can do is focus on creating the best art possible while delivering the message that we believe we are called to.”

The duo is focused on full-time music creation, ensuring they satisfy their goal of reaching out to many people to inspire them. They also want to start live shows to help transform their listeners’ lives. Follow Modern Temple on Spotify, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube for more updates.


Image Credit: Modern Temple (Press) / Provided by Ascend Agency

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