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Sofi Vonn unveils remix EP for huge track ‘Famous’ including Jochen Simms & Until Dawn: Premiere

Fusing the boundaries between pop and electronic, Sofi Vonn has just unveiled the remix EP for her success track ‘Famous.’ “This is the first remix EP of many to come and I hope they reach audiences the original song didn’t,” the star says.

Released earlier this year as one of her standout releases of this year, Sofi Vonn let her talents shine even further with ‘Famous.’ Now, to end the year on an explosive note, also setting the stage for what’s to come in 2023, she has enlisted the talents of some of the biggest producers in the game to put their own spin on ‘Famous’ and bring it into a new light.

About this EP, Sofi Vonn stated:

“As a DJ, I’m so excited to have these remixes out and in the club rotation. I started my musical journey DJing so this is the first remix EP of many to come and I hope they reach audiences the original song didn’t.”

Up first on the EP, Jochen Simms puts his own spin on the anthem. With a signature style that has become in-demand over the years, working with the likes of Amanda Lepore and Carmen Electra, his style is exactly what is needed to bring this into the club sphere. Fresh, energetic and full of feel-good energy with a touch of the underground essence, Simms has married the commercial world together with the vibe of the late night, dark club rooms. Also featured on this EP, Until Dawn also takes a striking club approach, taking bold synths and searing soundscapes to curate what feels like a brand new song, as if Sofi Vonn’s vocals were made to fit around this infectious sound. Tying this together is the unique Hyperpop remix, bright and Flume-esque. Setting itself apart from the other two remixes, which took underground and house directions, this Hyperpop remix is the true definition of dance pop.

All of these remixes are now available to listen to below. Don’t forget to tell us which remix is your favourite!



Image Credit: Sofi Vonn (Press)

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