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Soundclub introduces social platform dedicated to music festivals

Revealing a brand new platform, Soundclub is looking to provide fans with an all-in-one access point for discovering music festivals all around the globe.  Despite just launching in the middle of November, the platform quickly surpassed the 10,000 download mark and boasts 5 times more festival coverage than the number two platform on the market.

Originally founded in 2020 by Max Zanetti Bottarelli, Soundclub recognizes the almost daunting amount of music festivals that occur around the world, as well as the sometimes less-than-perfect marketing and communications measures when it comes to reaching fans regarding these events.  For every Tomorrowland or Ultra Music Festival, there are countless other small festivals occurring in countries all over the globe.  While just knowing about the festival is a major first step, Soundclub pushes further as a social platform, allowing fans to connect in a variety of ways.  When browsing the app, users will have the ability to see festivals as well as tickets, line-ups, dates, and locations as well as sections for memories, community, and a feed to offer comments from attendees.  Sounclub founder Max Zanetti Bottarelli discusses his excitement over the app stating:

“We are excited to make the first step towards our mission of helping fans find the vibe they need through live music experiences. 

Now we will continue our relentless push for innovation that features Soundclub’s trailblazing DNA”

As fans have more and more access to the global community through social media, Soundclub is a great way to build upon the constructs of digital connections and look to provide options for in-person experiences.  With over 5,000 events on the platform as well as access to 1.1 million artists, fans will have a one-stop access point for keeping tabs on all their favorite musicians and the stages they will be adorning.  The app is available now for both iOS and Android users so download it today. Moreover, now also the desktop version is available on


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