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Swedish House Mafia & The Weeknd officially release their new collaboration for Avatar film

On the eve of the release of James Cameron‘s Avatar: The Way Of Water, one of the most anticipated films and sequels in history, it is only fitting to have a single worthy of the moment. Like everything Cameron does, the single is a massive work in and of itself, front by The Weeknd and produced by Swedish House Mafia, it is a production worthy of a film release 13 years in the making.

For the brand new single, ‘Nothing Is Lost (You Give Me Strength),’ the artists opt to open the track with a massive chorus of voices, backed by orchestral drums and a subtle bell lead, calling forth images of a massive gathering before the track gives way to sleek synths and the enchanting vocals of The Weeknd. Fans hoping for the energy found in earlier collaborations from the artists will find a very different energy that singles ‘Moth To A Flame’ or ‘How Do I Make You Love Me?’ bringThis new track feels more organic, befitting the vibe of Pandora, the fictional moon inhabited by the Na’vi, who spent the first film looking to avoid destruction at the hands of humans looking to mine their home.

While fans of Swedish House Mafia may be surprised to find the track lacking their signature synths and pulsing basslines, the group reveal the true vastness of their talents and have created a production that is massive in scope in a way they haven’t showcased before. Coming off a year that saw several collaborative singles, as well as a massive, last minute headline spot at this year’s Coachella, it seems the partnership is only looking to expand upon what it can achieve.

Enjoy Nothing Is Lost (Give Me Strength), out now, as moviegoers everywhere prepare for a return to Pandora in Avatar: The Way Of Water.

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