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Tomorrowland unveil special novel for 2023 edition detailing backstory of fantasy theme ‘Adscendo’

Since revealing the ‘Adscendo‘ theme for the 2023 edition of Tomorrowland, the festival team has been hard at work creating a detailed and immersive storyline for it. Now, fans and hopeful attendees will get to dive into the full backstory thanks to a new novel that they’re releasing.


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Always looking to innovate and bring new, fresh ideas to the table with each edition, Tomorrowland have just revealed that they are – for the first time ever – revealing the full backstory to their latest festival theme, and its coming in the form of an original fictional novel. Although this is the first time they have done something quite on this scale, 2019 ‘Book of Wisdom‘ theme attendees will recall getting a novel in their treasure cases along with their entry bracelets, as the free gift.

Ahead of being able to immerse themselves in the theme when they get to the festival grounds and see the famous mainstage design, they will first be able to understand what ‘Adscendo’ is all about with the book titled ‘The Rise of Adscendo‘. This 300+ page novel, available for anyone regardless of attendance to the actual festival, is a fantasy-based peek into the world that is in development. About the book, the official synopsis as per the press release states:

“The islands of Arcadiana are sinking, and the Soaring Isles, suspended in the air like floating mountains far out of reach, will soon fall, destroying the whole city – if the water doesn’t swallow them first.

As a Windrider, all Ro has ever wanted to do is to fly like the other members of her family. Thanks to her love of all the birds of her world, she has an idea on how to improve the day-to-day life of her crumbling society. But while out testing her new flying contraption, danger strikes and she finds herself rescued by the most noble and most rare of all the birds. The Golden Auric.

Up in the clouds, she will make a discovery that will set her on a path to salvation. But unbeknownst to her, there are forces at play that wish to see a different future, one in which four of the Guilds that make up her homeland will perish. It is a fight for survival, and Ro will need all the help she can get if she is to save her home, and maybe, create the ultimate paradise…”

Available to pre-order now, you can ensure your copy of a first edition sprayed edge hardback of the Tomorrowland Adscendo story, by ordering today through the website with both English and Dutch languages available.

Image credit: Tomorrowland 

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