We Rave You staff picks: track of the year [Magazine Featured]

This year was filled with countless incredible releases from our favourite artists. From mind-blowing singles to debut albums, explosive collaborations and more, there was truly something for every electronic music fan. As the year is over and the time for reflection is now, we’ve asked some of the We Rave You team what their favourite track from 2022 was, and why. 

Ellie Mullins

Fred again.. & Swedish House Mafia – Turn On The Lights again.. (feat. Future) 

“One that I’m sure will be topping the top five for a lot of people this year, the explosive and much talked about collaboration with Fred again.. and Swedish House Mafia is by far my favourite release of this year. Nothing compares to the vibe that this release gives off, and it is truly unlike anything I’ve ever heard before. It perfectly strikes the balance between the sound that Fred again.. has enjoyed viral success for and Swedish House Mafia’s newfound darker sound.”

Chris Vuoncino

Chptr. & NOHC – Electrifying 

“My favorite track of the year actually is one that I was fortunate to release. This year, my project, NOHC, teamed up with German producer Chptr. for a melodic dubstep single, ‘Electrifying’ which came out in November via Proximity. As a songwriter and producer, this track checked off so many boxes for what I love about music. Suzanne Real’s vocal performance and melody sound huge atop the massive production, which culminates in a powerful second drop. This has been a favorite track of mine since we first finished the production earlier this year and I’m so happy to share it with the world.”

Alshaan Kassam

Chris Lorenzo & COBRAH – MAMI

“An immediate house anthem which was apparent from the very first listen at EDC 2022, the don Chris Lorenzo has got his listeners covered for their daily house of house music calling upon COBRAH for their energetic collaboration ‘MAMI.’ With a true attention to sound design and the ideal amount of vocal signatures, those contagious basslines keep listeners dancing no matter what time of the day it is. A crowd-pleaser of 2022 to say the least, Chris Lorenzo and COBRAH are continuing to take over the music industry one electrifying beat at a time.”

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