Zaandr joins up with Twenty9xx for new banger ‘All On Me’: Listen

United States-based producer, Zaandr has returned with a massive bass house track that will no doubt get the crowds moving when he takes the stage at festivals and clubs all over.  The single, All On Me, is out now via Soundrive Music and delivers a sonic journey with crisp production and an evolving orchestration.

Helping wrap up the production is vocalist, Twenty9xx, who lays down a sleek topline full of bravado and energy, providing the perfect contrast and energy to the track.  Dropping lines such as, “what I make in a week is a pension,” and “and I feel like spending it all on me tonight,” the confidence and swagger shine through, making it a track that feels right at home being dropped at clubs around the world, or as part of the pregame regiment, getting ready to hit the town while taking in all the energy and confidence that comes with such rituals.

Of course, the track itself more than holds its own as Zaandr utilizes his full range of talent and production techniques to build a track that ebbs and flows with its energy, constantly building to the massive force of the drop.  The single opens with a subtle synth pad, that has an orchestral lead sitting on top, it feels both nostalgic and yet incredibly modern.  As modern producers blend genres and styles, Zaandr’s decision to focus on a stringed instrument is intriguing and exciting, providing listeners with a break from the standard electronic leads and samples of the modern day and instead leaning on a classic stringed instrument.

From there, the track breathes a bit as Twenty9xx’s vocals come in, with Zaandr allowing him to take over the spotlight for his verse, providing a foundation of bass and claps to provide momentum until it builds to the drop.  Once the drop hits, the full force of the bass, percussion, and synths coalesce to provide a hard-hitting piece of music and Zaandr pulls the full focus and energy back solely to him and his creation.



Image Credit: Zaandr (Press) / Provided by UFO Network

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