ZNAS returns with beautiful new EP ‘XV (Fifteen)’: Listen

The Spanish producer is returning with an evolved sense and focus on his production, looking to move slightly away from the trance focus of past ZNAS releases.  With the XV (Fifteen) EP, fans are treated to the familiar quality and attention to detail that ZNAS is known for, still, he opts to expand his musical influences and offer an incredibly fresh and exciting listen.

Opening the EP is the Progressive Trance banger, Fastlove, a track that will remind fans of the mastery with which ZNAS has brought to previous releases.  It is a sprawling single and takes listeners on a sonic journey worthy of its title.  It is pulsing throughout with its infectious melody, strewn atop the driving percussion and bass line will ensure that the track keeps the dance floor moving every time the producer hits play on it.  The second track on the EP, I Am Alive, allows for the producer to expand his sound, style, and production, slipping into a style he dubs, “Electro Trance.”

“With my new music I only intend to experiment with energy, with the vibration of sound, with its frequencies. I do not pursue to like, I just want to be myself, just be. I seek to awaken sensations, stimuli in the listener, sound waves that flow through their body like a current. My new musical identity is increasingly moving away from conventional Trance, as it incorporates sounds from other styles. I would define my style as “Electro Trance”.”

For I Am Alive, ZNAS recruited the talents and voice of NELLY TGM to provide another layer of beauty to the already sprawling and epic production.  The carefully crafted, if not mildly cryptic lyrics, reveal a deeper meaning and purpose, as revealed via an Instagram post from the producer.

This song is above the normal view of presence, needing something different from the heart: A sincere call.  When it comes to feeling alive, some of us may need to receive the resonance of a feeling to feel like we exist!”

With this latest collection, it feels as though ZNAS certainly achieved his aim of creating a sincere call.  Enjoy the XV (Fifteen) EP below.



Image Credit: Znas (Press)

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