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7 Best Places For Submitting Electronic Music (2023)

You’ve done producing your best electronic track and now you want to promote it and get it heard. Music promotion can take valuable time if you’re an independent artist and currently submitting your music by yourself without a record label.

In today’s DIY era, everyone has access to the music industry and there’s many places to submit your music and get it heard, from social media, music submission platforms, Spotify playlists, music blogs and different music channels.

Just before you ran submitting your music to the website listed in this article, make sure your music is mixed and mastered and it is at the right level, you don’t want listeners to experience a drop in volume when they listen to your track. Another important thing is to make sure you know what kind of music you are making, If you’re producing house music and submitting to dance music playlists, you are reducing your chances of success dramatically.

Now, here’s a list of the best places to submit your dance music, house music or any similar style of electronic music.

1. One Submit

One Submit is one of the best places to submit your electronic music submission and it is aimed to get results and save valuable time for artists.

On One Submit you can submit music to Spotify playlists, radio stations, YouTube music channels, labels, TikTok influencers and there’s also music blogs to submit to.

For every music submission you will get a review by music curators listed in the platform, if they like your music, they will add it to their playlists. It’s a self service platform and submitting music is based on genres and size of playlist or channel.


2. Fbp-Music

FBP Music Group was founded in 2007 by the managing director Dennis Weitzel and it’s working as a label with a great set of Spotify playlists. Their goal is to help artists and related creative talent navigate the complex music industry promotion stages.
FBP Music has 12 Spotify playlists with different music genres, including Electronic, dance, pop, chill and electro.

To submit to their lovely playlists:


3. Unique Playlists

Curated by experts with in-depth knowledge of the music scene, Unique playlists has some cool playlists you can submit your music to and the website looks great.
The portal curates playlists on spotify, deezer, tidal and apple music.
They have various sub genres of house music, pop, chill and more.

Artists can submit tracks via a web form. In addition, unique playlists operate various social media channels on facebook and instagram.

Visit them on:


4. MusicTo

MusicTo is a website and playlist curator which accepts playlist submissions.

If you want to get your music on playlists that are mood or emotion oriented, this could be a nice option for you. The service is completely free and submissions to MusicTo are distributed to multiple platforms such as apple music, Spotify, Tidal and Deezer.


5. Dance Charts

Dance Charts is a German website dedicated to dance music. It’s a website for music news, charts, DJ promotion and playlists. The DANCE-CHARTS Top 100 Spotify Playlist is updated every Friday around 12 noon and It is based on their top 100 charts determined by their users via voting.

You can use google translate to translate the website to english and Submit your music to the dance playlists.

6. Simon Field

This is great for electronic music artists. Simon is a successful artist and producer who has curated 24 Spotify playlists for indie artists to submit their music for free.
His largest Spotify playlist has over 560,000 followers.

Playlists include specific genres such as deep house, soulful house and tech house. He doesn’t consider anything that doesn’t revolve around these genres. You won’t get feedback either, but according to his website, he listens to every song submitted to him.


7. IndieMono

IndieMono has about 100 active playlists and they are accepting music from all genres.

The website accepts new music and does not charge any payment for submission, approval rate is accordingly and you will not get notified if your song is declined. For independent artists it’s a nice option to have, but don’t base your whole music promotion campaign on it, it’s a nice sidekick.


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