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Armin van Buuren drops new single ‘Dayglow’ featuring Stuart Crichton: Listen

Armin van Buuren surprises his following with the massive vocal banger Dayglow’ featuring Stuart Crichton, out now on Armada Music.  

Dutch superstar DJ/producer Armin van Buuren continues to add to his enormous music catalog, this time with the main stage trance-influenced single ‘Dayglow.’ The record sees the five-time #1 DJ in the world join forces with Scottish singer-songwriter Stuart Crichton to release the latest pre-release taken straight from his ‘Feel Again, Pt. 3’ album

‘Dayglow’ begins with Stuart Crichton’s enchanting, warm vocals welcoming you into a mysterious world. As his poetic flow continues, a massive synth and sub continue to intensify the atmosphere around him, guiding the way for the drop. A hard-hitting kick takes center stage, followed by Armin’s energetic, trance-inspired flow that his fans have become accustomed to. As things come to a halt, Stuart Crichton begins to take the lead before things level up for one last ‘Dayglow.’

The track is Armin’s second single of the year, which could mean that 2023 will be another year full of consistent releases and surprises from the Dutch producer/DJ. Be sure to check out Armin van Buuren’s new single ‘Dayglow’ featuring Stuart Crichton down below or on your favorite streaming platform! We’ll also make sure to keep you posted when ‘Feel Again, Pt. 3’ drops!




Image Credit: SNDR / Provided by Armada PR

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