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Boye & Sigvardt deliver hypnotic house track ‘Apollo’: Listen

In the music industry, building and maintaining momentum throughout the year is one of the most important aspects of building a career and fanbase. Boye & Sigvardt are showcasing this firsthand as they start 2023 off with a hard-hitting new house anthem, ensuring to carry over the energy and success the duo created over the last couple of years.

Having signed a label deal with One Seven Music at the start of 2022, the duo of Christian Boye and Christian Sigvardt have hit the ground running with determination and focus as they continue to grow their reach in the House music landscape.  With their newest offering, Apollo, they have gifted fans an exciting new single to ring in the new year.  For Boye & Sigvardt, they showcase their range and keen sense of melody, foregoing the need for additional collaborators or vocalist, and relying on their own production and writing for the latest entry in their discography.

Apollo was a song we started in our old studio on a street called ‘Apollovej’, which made the name feel natural. The word also represents taking a chance for us, due to the beautiful history of what Apollo originally stands for. The song focuses on the identity aspect of our artist project and is special and personal to us.

It also translates well in our live shows. Apollo is the first of two songs where we get to experiment with the sound design we’ve been developing over the years. It was important to us that everything in these songs, from vocal samples to percussions and synths, was self-made. We’ve spent over two years making these songs, and for some reason, they don’t feel outdated to us, which is why we felt the need to share them.

While Apollo is still fresh in the world, the group already has their second single of the year lined up and will share Voyage on February 3rd.


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