CHPTR., Kenaj, Livingston Crain

CHPTR., Kenaj, and Livingston Crain combine for powerful single ‘Had Enough’: Listen

Wasting no time in the new year, CHPTR., Kenaj, and Livingston Crain have already delivered a melodic dubstep masterpiece to fans everywhere via Paradise Music.  The track beautifully combines a heart-wrenching topline sung by Livingston Crain, with a pristine and engaging track that will hit hard whether playing it alone at home or in a packed room full of fellow dance fans.

For CHPTR., he is picking up right we he left off in 2022, as he closed out the year on Proximity Records, delivering the powerful single, Electrifying, with the American duo, NOHC.  While Had Enough hits just as hard, he shows his versatility and varied inspirations with the new single:

“Kenaj and me focused on creating an outstanding track with a Punk Rocktronic vibe. For this Livingston Crain was the perfect fit. The powerful chord stacks of `Had Enough` blend seamlessly with his emotional and uniquely textured vocals, as well as the emotionally invoking lyrics.” – CHPTR.

The added touches from Kenaj perfectly complement the track, and the production certainly benefits from the two producers meeting up in the studio together instead of the more common method of file sharing:

“This track is very unique and combines rock elements with melodic dubstep. CHPTR. and me meet up at the studio and we started creating this unique sound. It´s the 3rd track we made together and it turned out super good.” – Kenaj

The final touches come from Livingston Crain who delivers a beautiful vocal performance, perfectly capturing the emotion and heartache that comes with the subject matter:

“This record explores the emotions that arise from a one-sided relationship. I, like many others, have experienced a romantic situation where each day we seem to be dealing with an entirely different person. Despite deception and deceit, we strangely still question the path to take, no matter the cost to our mental health and overall sanity. In the end, the choice is clear that we’ve “Had Enough” and must move on with brighter intentions.” – Livingston Crain

Had Enough is out now everywhere and is a great anthem for finding the strength to leave a toxic situation and start a new journey in 2023!


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