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Cody Chase reveals upcoming plans, activities, releases & music production: Interview

We’re ready to welcome 2023 in the best way we know how, with music and new projects. Cody Chase took some time to chat with us and told us more about what lies ahead for him in this exciting new year.


Hey, 2023 is here and we’d like to know what are your hopes for this year regarding your music career?

I am really excited about the opportunities that 2023 holds for my music career. I hope to continue growing my fan base and reaching new audiences through my performances and releases. I also plan on collaborating with more artists and to explore new sounds in Techno and House. I’m grateful for the support I have received so far, and I am looking forward to continue growing and sharing my passion for music. I will share my vision of how a Cody Chase party looks and sounds with dancefloors all over the world. 2023 is the year of Cody Chase!


What are your top 3 resolutions for this new year?

  • Release 1 track per month in 2023 (though probably more!).
  • Spin everyday.
  • Get back in the gym. A healthy body makes for a healthy mind, and a healthy mind pumps out sick tunes and slays on the decks.


Do you have any releases in the pipelines for the upcoming months?

I have a slew of new releases ready for Q1 and beyond. I have spent much of 2022 working on music and I hope to entertain fans and other DJs with my Techno and House sound.


If you could pick any event, any stage, any place: where would you like to perform in 2023?

There are so many, but two very clearly stick out in my mind:

  • Ultra Music Fest, Miami, Fl: The Resistance / Carl Cox Megastructure once the sun is down – I have had some of my best memories in Dance music in the Megastructure. What has now become a yearly tradition with my brothers, Friday and Saturday nights during Ultra have been spent with Carl Cox where we leave VIP and ‘let our hair down’ to enjoy the festivities with everyone dancing in GA.


  • Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison, Co: Having lived in Colorado for 4 years, Red Rocks IMO is the most beautiful music venue in the world. Crisp mountain air, perfect audio fidelity, a view of the Denver skyline, a giant stage sandwiched between 2 massive red mountain faces where everyone has a view. Let us not forget that Denver is home to some of the rowdiest Dance music fans in the world. What is there not to love about Red Rocks. It would be a dream to slay in front of the Front Range.


And following on from that, if the world was your oyster for selection , who would you like to collaborate with this new year?Damn, there are so many talented artists I look up to and would love to collaborate with.

My DJ idol is the infamous Carl Cox and playing a B2B with that guy would be a dream come true.

My one of my all-time favorite producer is Chris Lake. Lake is constantly turning out banger after banger and I would love to do a record or two with him!

I see a ton of similarities in both music and personality with John Summit. Both Techno and House slayers, both Americans, both similar in age, and both bubbly fun personalities who quit big-boy jobs to chase their dreams of Dance music infamy.


Are there any new hobbies or activities you’d like to try in 2023?

Last year I bought one of my dream cars (a 2022 BMW M3 Comp X-Drive) and this year I plan on building it into a meth-breathing 800whp track monster. Miami speedway, here I come.

Even more exciting, my wife and I have a baby on the way so parenting is going on the list. Soon, I am going to be knee deep in diapers of which I have changed exactly 0 in my lifetime.


Are there any new skills or new gear that you’d like to implement to your studio in 2023?

I am blessed to have my dream DJ rig. A V10 and 4x CDJ3000s there isn’t much more a guy can ask for. However, because of the freedom (and 6 channels) of the V10, I have some live production components, a DJS1000 + Roland TB3,  that I plan on expanding with more synths and bass line generators. Including more live production within my DJ sets has always been a goal.


From a production standpoint, what would you say is the number one area you would like/need to invest time into in order to develop your production level?

You know, mastering has always been a weak point in my game and I have often outsourced that work to the true pros. This year I’d like to do some of that work myself.


Any new genres you’d like to explore next year?

I’m working on developing a new sound that incorporates the bass lines from Bass House, hypnotic and uplifting vocals of Tech House, and drums that move you from Techno.


New sub-genres come and go into fashion every year, what are your predictions for 2023?

You will continue to see Techno and House on the rise toward the mainstream. The hybridization of Techno and House into Tech House has produced a popular genre all its own.

Charlotte DeWitte topped all Techno DJs ranked 14th in the overall top 100 DJs on the 2022 DJ Mag Top 100 list. It’s clear that Techno is on the rise.


Besides yourself, which artists or labels should people follow this year?

One should never count out legends like Carl Cox, Jamie Jones, Adam Beyer or Chris Lake. Those guys continue to slay show after show and have done so for decades.

Kaskade and Deadmau5 have a new duo project called Kx5 that has done some touring and produced a couple bangers. I am excited to see where that partnership and show production goes. Deadmau5 has always been known to put on dope visuals.


As for some of my favorite producers of 2022 I think that Chris Lake, John Summit, Kyle Watson, Solardo, Sosa, and Wade will all see tons of growth in popularity in 2023.


Make a prediction for 2023 about the world or music and we’ll try and catch you this time next year to see if it came true!

It is likely that Techno music will continue to be a popular and an influential genre in the dance music scene. Techno has a long and storied history, and it has been able to adapt and evolve with the times, incorporating new sounds and technologies as they emerge. It is possible that we will see the emergence of new sub-genres or hybrid styles that incorporate elements of Techno with other genres, or that new artists (like Cody Chase 😉) will bring fresh perspectives and approaches to the genre. Overall, it seems likely that Techno music will continue to be a vital and innovative force in the world of Electronic music.


Do you have a message for your followers for new year?

Watch out. Cody Chase is coming to slay!


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