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Daft Punk classic album ‘Homework’ is one of Discogs’ best selling albums of 2022

While the world’s most famous robots, Daft Punk, may have powered down and retired a few years ago, the global fanbase has shown that their music is as important and relevant as ever.  With 2022 marking the 25th anniversary of their iconic debut album, Homework, the group embarked upon a year-long journey into nostalgia, delivering a constant stream of content and a new vinyl pressing.

Kicking off the celebration, Daft Punk released a brand-new vinyl repress of Homework early in the year, providing fans a chance to add the currently out-of-print classic to their record collection.  As expected, the edition was promptly sold out and destined to become yet another high-valued collectible in both Daft Punk and music lore.  While the duo spent the rest of the year sharing archival footage as well as remastered clips of music videos from the era, many fans continued to go after the latest pressing of the album.

In fact, the release was so popular, that it earned a spot on Discogs top 50 Best-Selling Records of 2022.  Coming at number 14 on the list, it is clear that the impact and importance of Daft Punk and their music continue to flourish even 25 years after its initial release.  For fans that missed out on the release, browsing Discogs and other secondary marketplaces will be the only way to get your hands on a copy of the anniversary repress.

Beyond the physical album, the group has most recently shared a stunning clip from 1997, showcasing Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo performing on stage in Los Angeles before the introduction of the robot helmets which have become their staple.  While the future may not hold any new music from Daft Punk, the robots seem set on continuing their legacy through their extensive back catalog and archival content, something which the fans seem more than happy to digest!

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