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Dillon Francis dons DJ Hanzel with debut album ‘anti everything’: Listen

Few beefs within the music scene reach the level of intensity that is found between DJ Hanzel and his nemesis, Dillon Francis.  The lukewarm relationship has disintegrated in recent years as DJ Hanzel has taken Francis to court over allegedly stealing his music.

The very public court proceedings, which DJ Hanzel shares via his social media, reveal the deep rift between the two as the prosecution looks to punish Dillon Francis for stealing his releases as well as comment on his less appealing fashion sense and overall stature.  While the public feud may be a distraction or point of frustration for fans of both artists, the music is not suffering because of it.  While DJ Hanzel first broke into the industry several years ago, it has only been in the last year or so that he has turned his focus to releasing music and away from one-off live performances and a solid social media presence.

With the release of his debut album, the German producer takes fans one deeper into his career and production, delivering eight dancefloor-ready anthems in under 30 minutes.  From the beginning of his career, DJ Hanzel has curated a style and energy dedicated to sleek designs, images, and music that moves a room.  From the opening measures of the album’s lead track, Be The Light, the music pulses and pumps, hitting the core of the listener, melodically satisfying but full of enough low-end rumble to test any speaker system’s bass frequencies.  The album is made up of the previous four singles Hanzel released in 2022, Take A Little Bit, Gumby, Make Me Feel, and Talkin, as well as four brand new productions, to round out the release.

While we hope for a civil ending to the public feud between DJ Hanzel and Dillon Francis, we can be thankful that the music coming out truly goes one deeper.

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