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Eric Prydz ‘Opus’ is still on Beatport top 100 progressive house chart, 7 years after its release

While it has been 7 years since Eric Prydz released his iconic debut album, Opus, its impact on the music scene continues to show in a variety of ways even as the producer looks to grow and evolve with new music and productions.  Of course for fans, the album as well as its self-titled track is still beloved and revered as an iconic release in both the progressive house genre as well as the dance music landscape in general.

To understand the importance and dedication, vinyl pressings of Opus sold for $2000 and $2105 respectively in 2022 on the popular music website, Discogs.  While recent years have shifted the narrative to Eric Prydz’s iconic HOLO shows which he has been presenting around the globe, his music is still the driving force behind his success and devotion from his loyal fanbase.  Upon its release, the 19-track album was well-received by both critics and fans as the collection of two hours of music showcased the brilliant writing and pristine production of the Swedish producer,

While fans will seemingly be waiting a long time for a proper follow-up, as Eric Prydz splits his focus between his multiple alias’ and live productions, the title track from his debut album still holds a place on the Beatport Progressive House Top 100 chart.  Currently sitting at the number 59 spot on the chart, it is a testament to the impact and importance of the single as well as the producer’s work in general that it still holds the position despite being released in early 2016.

Anyone who may not be familiar with Opus and the album of the same name, there is no time like the present to dive into this modern-day classic.  The nine-minute track appropriately closes out the album and makes for a great end cap to this iconic debut.

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