High-energy performances & self-belief: meet Jammy, the fast-rising DJ [Artist Spotlight]

In four years, Jamaal Wallace, popularly known by his stage name Jammy has built a solid brand and career in the music industry. Jammy has opened for big names such as DJ Pauly, Henry Fong, Disco Lines, and Ship Wreck and has performed at several top-tier events. Jammy recently played his first festival at Home Bass in Orlando.

Jammy’s mixes are fast gaining traction, with his most recent set, JAMMY GO HOUSE VOLUME 3, setting new records. Many EDM and house lovers have deemed the set a favorite, with people praising his vibrant style and high-energy performances.

Sponsored by Godfather Pawn, P1 Vodka, and Redbull, Jammy’s sets feature a diverse selection of tunes. While most of his experience has been with EDM and house, he does not confine himself to these two genres. Instead, he mixes different genres in his set to enthrall his audiences. His people skills and love for music have also helped him stand out. Jammy is a huge fan of music. He started taking music seriously even before he started DJing, which he says played a big part in building his brand.

Jammy recalls when he first stood behind the deck five years ago. He was working at the renowned Orlando College bar, Knight Library. Jammy was asked to stand in for the DJ who couldn’t make it for the show, and while he had minimal experience, the DJ managed to entertain the crowd with his people skills, music selection, and high energy.

Jammy performed set after set with energy that many describe as contagious, and after the show, he decided he could do this full-time. “I realized I could incorporate my love for music and create a fun environment for anyone to let go of weighed-down emotions and enjoy themselves,” says Jammy.

Since then, Jammy has sold out shows in Orlando. He has played at some of the famous clubs in the city and has entertained at multiple events. In addition, the artist also launched his merch line not long ago, attracting massive attention with people rocking “Jammy” t-shirts to his shows.

As he continues to build his brand, he says his goal is to stage more shows outside Florida and play his sets at some of the biggest national and international festivals. In addition, Jammy is looking to diversify his sets and style, infusing music from different genres.

Through his journey, the talented DJ also hopes to inspire and encourage others, especially young DJs who are just getting started. The nightlife scene and music industry are brutally competitive fields. Both industries are highly competitive, and building a name for yourself is often difficult, especially without connections or proper equipment to stage a show.

According to Jammy, you only need to believe in yourself and your craft and invest in it. “A proper mastery of this gives people a good reason to listen to your mixes and attend your shows,” says the artist. Finally, he emphasizes the importance of being authentic/genuine and networking, as this is what will get you noticed.


Image Credit: Jammy (Press) / Provided by Ascend Agency

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