JKLN delivers powerful debut album ‘Chapter I’: Listen

With a steady rising presence in the dance music scene, the Ukrainian-born producer JKLN has unleashed her energetic and emotional debut album, ‘Chapter I’, out into the world.  The seven-track album consists of five new singles, as well as a new edit of her 2022 ode to her homeland, Welcome To Ukraine.

The inspiration and artist’s freedom and expression of the album stem from a trip to the Amsterdam Dance Event where JKLN met Diplo, “I realized all this time I was overthinking my music way too much and trying to fit into a certain standard.”  With the album out in the world, fans of the young producer will hear the confidence in every track, both in the pristine production as well as strong vocal melodies and lyrics throughout the release.  The album edit of Welcome To Ukraine brings continued focus to the country torn apart by a brutal and vicious war waging in the area with neighboring Russia.  While music may not necessarily bring peace, it is meant to be a connection and an outlet of positivity and hopes that can unite humans toward a positive aim.

Beyond that track, the album kicks off with the official single of the release, Never Alone, a beautiful and powerful production focused around the emotions portrayed in the chorus as JKLN sings, “I’ve been chasing the light for way too long, way too long, Fighting with my demons since you’ve been gone, since you’ve been gone, I’m never alone.”  The rest of the album ebbs and flows, offering an homage to her current home of Berlin, creating a dark and sexy beat that will no doubt go over well in the local scene.  From there, Take Me High and Deep are again emotional journeys through JKLN’s own mind, both powerful in their message as well as the music.  Closing out the album is two versions of the fun, and loose vibes of Pow Pow and the tracks companion radio edit.  It allows the album to go out on a less serious note, while still delivering a single that is fitting of the album, but definitely feels like it can find an audience on radio or through TikTok.

Check out the exciting debut album, Chapter I, from JKLN out now.



Image Credit: JKLN (Press)

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